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One Day The Evil Emperor Zurg wanted to get a car but he did't know were to get a car!

So the next day Zurg build a car of his own, He also put his I-ron Blaster on the front of his car so if Buzz came by

zurg could easily blast him, well sort of! Zurg droved 122 miles away from home he met some Green Aliens he almost blasted it with I-ron Blaster thats on his new car, but suddenly Buzz came and said loudly To infinity and Beyond!

Zurg got his I-ron Blaster thats on his new car and pulled it off so he could use it to blast buzz easily

Buzz said give it up zurg!! Zurg replied Never!! buzz went to get the Green Aliens and put them into his shoulders and flew and trying to get

away from zurg but then Zurg let his Zurg Robots out to kill buzz but Buzz just blasted them with his laser!

sooner or later zurg had Buzz cornered and Buzz suit was't working! Zurg said Surrenderer Buzz Lightyear I Have Won

'Buzz said Never zurg replied Fine! as he pointed his I-ron Blaster at buzz but suddenly Zurg knocked down his brand knew car down a cliff along 'with his self and said Loudly Curse you Buzz Lightyear!!

-After hours buzz went home to Star Command and

fixed his suit and that was the end of Zurg well sort of!!

Toy Story 3 Video Game PS3 Zurg Car

Background Information[]

  • This is the First Episode of the Season
  • Its inspired Toy Story 2
  • Buzz is not seen in the beginning of the this episode