Zootopia: The animated series is a 2017 American animated comedy television series based on the movie of the same name. It takes place after the events of the film. It focuses on the exploits of Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde of the resolver Mysteries and Cases in Zootopia. Some adj adj Other Disney characters Big Hero 6 Will Make Special Appearances The status of the UN unit special flap. The Disneymation premiere on June 8.





Season 1

Name No Description
Pilot Pt 1 001 Bellwether escapes from jail and kidnaps Nick Wilde while Judy Hopps gets her memory erased while she was sleeping.
Pilot Pt 2 002 Judy Hopps gets her memory back by Mr Otterton for helping Mrs Otterton find him and Bellwether makes Nick Wilde Savage.
Judy's Secret 003 Judy Hopps learns a upsetting secret and is afraid to tell Nick Wilde and Bellwether captures Mrs Otterton to get her to kidnap Gazelle because so Bellwether can learn Gazelle's secret of being beautiful and a great singer.
Slow and Fast 004 Bellwether Kidnaps the Otterton kids and gives them sugar and they go crazy while Judy Hopps has to stop flash from speeding.
The Sidekick 005 Bellwether gets a Sidekick named Snotloose who is a Moose and Nick Wilde finds his long lost parents
Rainforest Wonders 006 Judy Hopps finds out that Manchas was causing havoc because of Bellwether giving him a needle that makes animals cause havoc.
Hundred Yard Dash 007 Flash becomes the first sloth with fast speed and Bellwether and Snotloose try to stop Flash from being fast.
Lost! 008 Judy Hopps becomes lost and finds a new land called Preytropolis and Bellwether follows Judy Hopps and Gangs up with this gang called the Animal Crushers.
Tangled with Wool 009 Rapunzel gets lost and finds herself in Zootopia and Bellwether turns animals into mindless slave zombies.
Hypnotic Mishap Pt 1 010 Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde Deicide to get Married and Bellwether, the Animal Crushers and Snotloose switch Judy's ring that Nick will give her to make Judy do what the voice in the ring says.
Hypnotic Mishap Pt 2 011 Judy Hopps wreaks havoc in Zootopia and Nick Wilde has to stop Judy Hopps and Bellwether and her gang.
Hypnotic Mishap Pt 3 012 Judy Hopps becomes unhypnotic and Bellwether almost gets stopped by Chef Bongo.
True Vibes 013 Bellwether decides not to be with the gang the Animal Crushers and Judy Hopps Almost gets fired.
The News 014 Judy Hopps finds out she is pregnant and is afraid to tell Nick Wilde and Bellwether tries to make a potion that makes Judy unpregnant and Chef Bongo gets kidnapped by Bellwether and has to be saved.
Not So Helpful Parents 015 Judy Hopps tells her parents she is pregnant and they don't believe her and Bellwether and Snotloose Break up there teamwork.
Photoshoot 016 Judy Hopps is to do a Photoshoot for Targoat and Bellwether tries stopping Judy Hopps from doing the photoshoot.
Gazelle 017 Judy and Nick go see a Gazelle concert and Bellwether makes Gazelle lose her voice.
Powerful Magic 018 Everyone finds out that Bellwether has magic and uses it on Clawhause and Judy Hopps tries stopping Bellwether.
Alienated 019 Judy Hopps gets her baby inside of her Alienated by Bellwether and Nick Wilde has to stop Bellwether and Clawhause meets Gazelle in person.
3rd Trimester 020 Judy Hopps is in her 3rd trimester and Nick Wilde becomes savage and Clawhause and Chef Bongo have to save Nick Wilde from being savage by Bellwether.
Dinosaur Days 021 Arlo Moves to Zootopia and Everyone says he is clumsy and should not be in Zootopia and Bellwether wants to get Arlo out of Zootopia.
Fur and Wool Strike Pt 1 022 While Judy Hopps is doing her job she gets contractions and has to go to the hospital and Bellwether kidnaps Nick Wilde to try and erase his mind and Chef Bongo tries to stop Bellwether and Mrs Otterton stays with Judy Hopps.
Fur and Wool Strike Pt 2 023 Chef Bongo Saves Nick Wilde and Nick Wilde goes to the hospital to see how Judy Hopps is doing.
Meet Cherry 024 Judy Hopps Shows her parents her new kid and Bellwether wants to kill all Zootopia parents because her's died when she was 7 years old.
The Rabbit Kid Pt 1 025 Bellwether kidnaps Judy Hopps kid Cherry and Nick Wilde finds out he has a Cousin.
The Rabbit Kid Pt 2 (Season Final) 026 Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde get there kid back and Bellwether gets put back in jail.

Season 2

Name No Description
Mystery in San Fransokyo (One hour special) 027


  • The Big Hero 6 characters guest star in episode 27.
  • Rapunzel from Tangled guest stars in episode 9.
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