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Zappy Ever After is a 2015 disney animation. The movie is about a few empires were all the disney characters are found.


Alladin (the king of Sugar Rush) and Manster (the king of The Underworld) are enemies. but one day, they both have children, the bad ones had Penny and the good ones had Ben. the children fall in love with each other but a guy called Fesus, the lord of Empire 6, won Penny as his love, meanwhile a girl called Liza won Ben as his love. one day, the two kingdoms had a war and Ben and Penny met and together tried to stop the war, meanwhile on the way they had to fight lego skeletons who came from Empire 6. suddenly, when they got to almost start a battle in Empire 6, The White Wizard made magic so they can't move and imprisoned all of them inside his castle, with his lego skeletons watching them.

suddenly, Fesus came and told the skeletons to kill all of them. Penny asked him who he is and he said he is either Fesus or The White Wizard and then transformed into his white wizard form. Penny broke up with him and spat at him, brining the love between Penny and Ben back. Suddenly, when Penny and Ben who were surounded by skeletons kissed each other, Liza who saw it laughed an evil laugh. Ben noticed it and asked her why she laughed. Liza awnserd that she is already in love with Fesus and that they plan is to get both of them to jail so they will be king and queen of all Disney universes.

Fesus stole everyones powers.

more coming soon...


Alan Tyduc as Ben Cavorgage, a 16 year old prince and the protagonist of the film.

Taylor Swift as Penny Ord, a 16 year old girl and the deughteragonist of the film

Owen Wilson as Lord Fesus\The White Wizard, an 18 year old boy, a witchcrafting dark wizard and the hidden main antagonist (hidden as a secondary tritagonist) of the film.