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Yukon is Balto and Jenna's child, and is also Aleu, Kodi, and Dingo's sibling. They are seen in Balto II: Wolf Quest, and Balto III: Wings of Change.


Yukon is very dedicated to a task that he is given. He is very much like his father with his personality. He can set his mind to something very easily and rarely gives up on a quest. Although sometimes he can be very insecure about himself, putting himself down, not believing himself possible to face the truth or accomplish a task he believes is impossible. He can be caring and happy at times, but very shy when it comes to girls.


He is the red-faced pup in Jenna and Balto's litter. He has dark red legs, stomach, chest, tail and face. His underbelly, muzzle and chest are a white creamy colour.