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You Better Kiss Me is a 2016 Sonic & Tails Short. In this episode, Fiona Tries to get Tails to kiss her.


Tails gets home from Soccer practice. Sonic notices he isn't so well. It's not like Tails to come in THAT quietly. When Sonic tells Amy his concerns, she admits he has been a bit uncomfortable, especially around Fiona Werewolf. Then, as if right on cue, Fiona sashays into the castle. She's there to see Tails to write some music...Or so she says. After chasing him through Peach's apple orchards, he finally locked himself in his room, But Fifi is in there too. Tails crawls painfully out, but not before getting kissed a bunch of times! Tails almost loses it, until Peach and Blaze intervenes. He hugs Blaze and cries. Fiona sits on the top of Mount Ka-Boom at Bob-obmb Battlefield frustrated in herself. Twilight Sparkle tries to cheer her up. Soon they start to sing "You Better Kiss Me", the cartoon's namesake song. In it, they sing about how they longed for romantic attention from Tails. They also sing about trying to kiss Tails without him being like a total worrier. After the song ends, Fiona has full confidence in herself. The next day, Sonic and Tails comes from their Music lessons to see a note on his door from Fiona. It says to meet her at Good Egg Galaxy Park. He goes there to find Fifi sitting near a shooting star display. Tails suddenly gets a romantic feeling, but doesn't know why. Fiona tells him it comes from Love. After hearing this, Tails unexpectedly kisses her! He claims he doesn't know why he did it, but Fiona tells him he have been hiding his love from her, and had to let it out in one kiss. Sonic says she's right, he's just nervous. So they all sit back and watch the fireworks...Literally!


Inside the Castle Walls-Opening

Bowser's Airship Theme- Chase and its aftermath

You Better Kiss Me

Good Egg Galaxy Guitar cover into Merrie Melodies "That's All Folks!"- final scenes into the end title

Background Information[]

This Episode/short makes Phineas & Ferb References:

Phineas & Ferb: The Night of the Living Pharmacists (Halloween 2014): The last part of "You Better Kiss Me" is T.S. inspiring Fiona to get Tails to kiss her is based off the song "Jump Right to it" from this special. The song is about the Fireside Girls inspiring Isabella to reveal to Phineas her true feelings about him.

Phineas & Ferb: Act Your Age (Upcoming/Valentine's Day 2015): The last scene of cartoon mimics that of this one, where Phineas kisses Isabella.

Like Peach at the beginning of Super Mario 64 and Galaxy, in one scene, Fiona sends a letter to Tails.