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You Are Pathetic - villain song from the Wars and Sawa animated movie, sung by Boggin after Wars asks him to turn him into the village's hero.



Are you good, are you bad?

That's over your head, right?

Let ME answer that, kid!

And i'll tell you, with no fright!

So what is your problem?

Kid please, go ahead!

If you won't, your problems

will haunt you till your death!

Oh wait, you don't need to!

I can now read your mind!

Your problems, your anger

shurely i will find!

Oh now i see where your problems are!

Because you are an outcast!

And the others so bizzare!

Don't worry, kid! I have the same problem on my hands!

Because you...are!

Pathetic! So Pathetic, i can't even say!

Oh what can i do, but to speak with the damned!

My dear fiends, tell me what do you about this feel?

Slavic demon portraits:

To be good he has to make with you and us deal!


Oh yes, that's good, good idea. So, kid?


I agree. Sooo....what am i supposed to do?


Kid, that's simple, my dear boy.

You only have to go sailing!

So get on some nets, and scream ahoy!

Get a mermaid for us, im saying!


A mer...what?


A mermaid, rusałka, can't you understand?

I just sooo have to get one!

An alive one, not dead!

Don't worry, she will be used for good!

Soooo, kid are you in?

Or you want to be a loser within?


Okay...i guess.


You just agreed with me now,

now just a small finger snap!

You got with us a deal!

Slavic demon portraits:



Go with your net, without her don't come back!

because remember, brat!

We will be the dark void that follows your track!

We the monsters of...

Slavic demon portraits: