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  • [The film starts in Tokyo. As the Walt Disney Pictures logo fades off the screen, the chorus heard in the background mixes with the forest and the city, the title "YOKAI'S PROPERTY" appears on screen. Aoi Machida begins to narrate.]
  • Aoi (narrate): If you've ever taken a road trip through the continent Asia, you've probably seen a sign for a place called Tokyo, Japan. Take a trip. Find it. It's out there somewhere in the woods. Waiting.
  • [Aoi's Aunt Ayu is sweeping the yard, Aoi walks into the house.]
  • Ayu: AOI! How was school?
  • Aoi: Not good. I got detention, Tomoka puts gum in my hair, and it's cleaning duty for me today.
  • Ayu: Sounds like bad day for you.
  • [Aoi walks into her room, face palming.]
  • Aoi: [to herself] I am not a weird girl. I am not a weird girl. I am not a weird girl.
  • Ayu: [leaves Aoi's food on the floor.] Here's you're dinner. Don't let it get cold.
  • Aoi: Yes, Ayu.
  • Ayu: Oh! By the way, Aoi. You haven't been outside since 3 weeks now. It's bad for you're eyes. Do me a favor and eat outside.
  • Aoi: Yes, Ayu.
  • [Aoi goes to the forest and eats.]
  • [In the tree, a yokai is shown seeing Aoi. Freya comes down, but Elda drags her back with her tail.]
  • Aoi: Hmmm. That tree wasn't there before. It's like it's..... invisible.
  • [Freya walks down but hits her head. Aoi notices her.]
  • Aoi: HELLO...? [sees Freya] A cat!
  • [Aoi picks up Freya, but Aoi begins to bleed. Freya licks her wound.]
  • Aoi: OH MY GOSH! IT'S...! IT...! [walks back into the room]
  • [Freya stands up.]
  • Aoi: Wow! What a little cute cat you are. Hmm... [Aoi then makes a blink, then Freya still mimics it, then Aoi gasps in realization.] Hey, are you... ...copying me? [The two then slowly reach their hands out toward the bowl, then when they did that, a blinding light came out of nowhere, causing them to shut their eyes, then they stopped.] Did you... did you feel that? [Freya nods again, then points to her heart.] Yeah, me too... ..In my heart... [he then points to his heart as well.] [in realization] Wait a minute... can you understand everything I'm saying?! [Freya then nods again.] This is amazing! Are you a yokai? [Freya nods]
  • Aoi: Yokai are scary. But, why am I that only one who can see you.
  • [Freya is confused.]