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Wrecking Heroes: The Cyber Relics of Litwaks is an upcoming TV movie special based on Wreck-It Ralph spinoffs. The movie takes place after the events of Wrecking Heroes and before the upcoming Cyber Hero animated series.


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  • Wreck-It Ralph
  • Vanellope von Schweetz
  • Fix-it Felix Jr
  • Sergeant Calhoun: The main heroine of Hero's Duty. She first appears in the beginning then at the battle scene against Miaki's forces.
  • Adorabeezle Winterpop
  • Minty Zaki
  • Jubileena Bing-Bing
  • Cyber Guy
  • Glacier Cyber
  • Shamrock Green
  • Spade Sharp

Supporting Characters[]

  • Mayor Gene
  • Nicelanders
  • Rancis
  • Swizzle
  • Granpa Crempuff
  • Lily-Bloomshine


  • Miaki-Hara: The main antagonist of the movie. She is a former owner of the arcade in Cyber Tokyo who lost her career after Litwak's become more successful. When she became so jealous, she left her arcade abandonly and taken over Litwak's to drain all the power source.


  • Taffyta does not appears in the scene since she got locked up into the Fungeon.
  • According to Cyber Guy, Miaki-Hara is the mastermind who told Taffyta to exterminate all the Cybernoids around Litwaks.
  • It is possible that the Moppit Girl runs Litwak's Arcade since Miaki-Hara glitched Mr. Litwak to death.

Cultural References[]

  • Miaki-Hara's name is referenced to Misaki Suzuhara, a character from Angelic Layer.
  • Some names of their favorate characters that appears in Miaki's Arcade are references to any CLAMP characters like the following:
    • Chihiya is referenced to Chii from Chobits.
    • Toyomi-Dahitose is referenced to Tomoyo Daidouji from Cardcaptor Sakura.
    • Lei-Shanglong is referenced to Li Syaoran from Tsubasa Chronicles.
    • Karin-Kazuki is referenced to Kallen Kozuki from Code Geass.
    • Kobita is referenced to Kobato from the CLAMP manga and anime series with the same name.