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Wizards of Waverly Place was an American Disney Channel Original Series which ran from October 12, 2007 to January 6, 2012 on Disney Channel. The series was created by Todd J. Greenwald, and stars Selena Gomez, David Henrie, and Jake T. Austin as three wizard siblings with magical abilities competing to win sole custody of the family powers. Further main cast includes Jennifer Stone as Alex's best friend, María Canals-Barrera as the Russo's mortal mother, and David DeLuise as the Russo's former wizard father.

The series won "Outstanding Children's Program" at the 61st Primetime Emmy Awards in 2009. A film adaptation of the series, Wizards of Waverly Place: The Movie, premiered as a Disney Channel Original Movie on August 28, 2009. The film adaptation won "Outstanding Children's Program" at the 62nd Primetime Emmy Awards earning the series its second consecutive Emmy. The farewell season won "Outstanding Children's Program" at the 64th Primetime Emmy Awards bringing the franchise's total to three Emmy awards. Wizards of Waverly Place ended as the longest-running Disney Channel Original Series (surpassing That's So Raven) with 106 episodes over four seasons. Its series finale averaged nearly 10 million viewers (live+same day), which made that episode the most-watched series finale in Disney Channel's history.

A final special, entitled The Wizards Return: Alex vs. Alex aired on March 15, 2013.


The show centers on the Russo family, which includes three wizards in training, Alex (Selena Gomez), her older brother, Justin (David Henrie), and their younger brother, Max (Jake T. Austin). The three siblings train to win the family wizard competition, giving one of the three siblings full wizard powers, leaving the other two as mortals.

File:WoWP - Seriesfinale.jpg

The Russo siblings in the series finale, about to start round three of the wizard competition.

The rest of the ensemble main cast includes Alex's best friend, Harper Finkle (Jennifer Stone), who finds out about the Russo's family secret in season two, and moves in with them during season three. The main cast also includes Theresa Russo (María Canals-Barrera), the Mexican-American mother of the Russo siblings, a mortal who despises magic. Finally, David DeLuise rounds up the cast as Jerry Russo, the Italian-American father of the Russo siblings who won his family wizard competition, but gave his powers to his younger brother in order to marry a mortal.

The three siblings are not supposed to use magic without supervision, but due to Alex, and occasionally Max's schemes, magic is usually misused, and Justin has to fix the problem. Alex and Justin have to keep magic a secret from all mortals (except Theresa), while studying to win the wizard competition, and balancing their love lives. The rule about keeping magic a secret has been broken twice in the series by a Russo, once in season two, and once in season four. In season two, Alex tells her best friend, Harper about magic after the friendship starts to fall apart because of it. In season four, Justin tells his best friend, Zeke about magic after he thinks he became a wizard when Alex plays a trick on him, and when he breaks up with Harper for keeping secrets.

In season one, the Russo kids keep magic a secret while maintaining their social and romantic lives. Alex and Harper rival with Gigi Hollingsworth (Skyler Samuels) and her two wannabees, while Alex tries to progress her relationship with Riley (Brian Kubach), a boy from her Spanish class that is on the baseball team. Justin remains the good child of the family and constantly studies while progressing his relationship with eleventh grade, goth girl, Miranda Hampson (Lucy Hale). Over their summer, Justin is accepted into summer boarding school, WizTech, which Theresa and Jerry also make Alex attend. Alex saves Justin from getting his powers drained by Dr. Evilini (Octavia Spencer), with the help of Hugh Normous (Josh Sussman) and Professor Crumbs (Ian Abercrombie).

In season two, Alex tells Harper about wizardry and makes her promise not to tell anyone. Alex and Justin both get new love interests. At the beginning of the season, Alex starts dating Dean Moriarty (Daniel Samonas), the school's bad boy. The couple remains together for the first seven episodes, but after that Dean disappears until the end of the season. Dean had moved to New York and he and Alex were trying long distance, but they decide they should go ahead and break up. Alex and Justin go back to WizTech, this time with Max. Alex briefly dates Ronald Longcape Jr. (Chad Duell) until learning that he is evil. Alex, Justin, and Max break his curse and go back to New York. Just creates his own spell, the helping hand. The Russo's crossover with The Suite Life on Deck where Justin, and later Max, falls for London Tipton (Brenda Song). Justin eventually meets Juliet Van Heusen (Bridgit Mendler), a young vampire who's family owns a rivaling restaurant. Justin and Juliet fall for one another and date throughout the Wizards vs. Vampires four-part saga.

In season three, Justin creates a Frankenstein-like monster and names her Frankengirl. Frankengirl makes Alex and Harper her new best friends and forces them to join the cheerleading squad. Justin graduates his wizard training class after successfully casting 5,000 spells, and moves onto independent studies. Justin takes the monster hunting course, but this endangers his vampire girlfriend, Juliet Van Heusen (Bridgit Mendler), twice. The first time, he turns her into the monster hunting council by accident. The second time, he brings her with him to capture the mummy, only for the mummy to enslave Juliet. Justin promises to rescue her. Harper moves in with the Russo's after her parents move to Pittsburgh. Alex begins a relationship with a British werewolf, Mason Greyback (Gregg Sulkin), who helps find and rescue Juliet. Their happiness is cut short when Mason and Juliet realize that they use to date. After Mason, Juliet, and Justin get into a fight, Mason scratches Juliet, and Juliet bites Mason causing both to lose their vampire/werewolf powers. Mason turns into a wolf, and Juliet turns into her true self, a 2,193-year-old woman. Alex befriends a wizard named Stevie Nichols (Haley Kiyoko), but their friendship is short lived after four appearances when Stevie turns out to be evil. Alex freezes her and Max accidentally knocks her over, shattering her. At the end of the season, Harper and Zeke Beakerman (Dan Benson) become a couple, Justin graduates high school and finally moves on from Juliet, Alex turns Mason back into a wolf and they get back together, and Justin tells the government about wizardry.

In season four, Alex attempts to save all of the wizards by revealing wizardry to the world, only for Professor Crumbs (Ian Abercrombie) to appear, revealing that it was all a test and Alex and Justin both failed. Professor Crumbs demotes Alex and Justin back to level one in their families' wizard competition, putting Max in the lead. Alex continues her relationship with Mason and drops out of the wizard competition, only for Chancellor Rudy Tootietootie (Andy Kindler) to force Alex and Mason to break up because werewolves can't date humans. Alex and Mason get back together two episodes later when Alex decides to re-enter the competition. Max decides to move up the date of the wizard competition so he can get it over with. When Alex and Justin both cast spells to stop him, the spells mash together, turning Max into a ten-year-old girl (Bailee Madison). Justin starts tutoring a class of delinquent wizards, one of which, catches his eye. Justin falls for his student, Rosie. Justin soon learns that she is an angel, and they start a relationship. The wizard/angel romance is broken off after two episodes when Justin learns Rosie is evil. Rosie turns good, but Justin tells her that she should be a guardian angel again, and the two part on good terms. After being a female for five episodes, Max is turned back into himself when Alex gets the potion formula from Professor Crumbs.

After one of Alex's tricks, Zeke starts believing he, himself is a wizard. Zeke breaks up with Harper when he realizes that she is hiding something, so Justin tells him about wizardry. Alex and Mason's relationship starts to crumble when beast tamer, Chase Riprock falls for Alex. At the Wizard of the Year Award Ceremony, Mason and Chase get into a fight, resulting in Alex breaking up with Mason and refusing to date Chase. While Alex and Justin are both single, Max has his first serious relationship with Talia (McKaley Miller), though they face many obstacles including Talia trying to change Max, and her parents not approving of their relationship at first. Alex and Harper move into their own apartment on a secret wizard floor, but start to regret it when they find out Mason lives there. After several episodes, Alex and Mason finally get back together. Alex, Justin, and Max battle the angel of darkness leader, Gorog, one last time. Justin gets back together with his long lost love, Juliet Van Heusen (Bridgit Mendler) after Gorog made her young again. Alex, Justin, and Max do the wizard competition, and despite Justin winning, Alex and Justin both become wizards, and Max inherits the sub shop.

Opening sequence[]

For the first three seasons, the show used the same title sequence. The opening title sequence, which is set to Selena Gomez's rendition of "Everything Is Not What It Seems", shows Alex, Justin, Max, and Harper engaging in magical antics while preparing for school in the morning. The fourth season began using a slightly altered version of the song, and a different sequence involving the cast, who all appear in Times Square at the end of the sequence with Alex waving her wand.


The show debuted on Disney Channel on October 12, 2007 after the premiere of Twitches Too, gathering 5.9 million viewers. In January 2010, "Wizards vs. Werewolves" one-hour special episode became the series' most-watched (non-crossover) episode with 6.2 million viewers, surpassing the 6 million viewers of "Paint By Committee" episode The series' most watched episode, including crossovers, was "Cast-Away (To Another Show)" episode, which was included in the special trilogy of crossover episodes between three Disney Channel original sitcoms, Wizards on Deck with Hannah Montana. The broadcast was watched by 10.6 million viewers. In 2009, the series was the top scripted telecast for teens between the age of 9–14 (1.63 million/6.7 rating) and second in kids 6–11 (1.81 million/7.4 rating), which was only slightly behind The Suite Life on Deck (1.82 million/7.4 rating.)


The series was created and is executive produced by Todd J. Greenwald, who began developing the show, after working as a writer and consulting producer during the first season Hannah Montana. The show is produced by It's a Laugh Productions and Disney Channel Original Productions. The theme song, written by John Adair and Steve Hampton, is of techno-pop style and is performed by Selena Gomez. The series is filmed at Hollywood Center Studios in Hollywood, California.

Main settings[]

  • Waverly Sub Station is the Russo Family's sandwich shop. All three children have to help by working there but in their spare time they can hang out there.
  • The Magic Lair is where the Russo kids have magic lessons with their father Jerry. Often, the freezer is used as a portal between the Waverly Sub Station and the lair.
  • The Loft is where the Russo family lives. It is also connected to the magic lair and the Waverly Sub Station.
  • Waverly Place is outside of the Waverly Sub Station. Mainly, the pedestrian-only alleyway is shot and Waverly Place is only shot on certain occasions like in the episode First Kiss, prior to the crystal ball scene.
  • Tribeca Prep is the school that Justin, Alex, Max, and their friends attend.
  • WizTech is the magic school where Alex and Justin attend in "Wizard School" and that Max also attends in "Saving WizTech". The school contains many references to Harry Potter.


Main Characters[]


The fourth season main cast (L-R): María Canals Barrera as Theresa Russo, David DeLuise as Jerry Russo, Jake T. Austin as Max Russo, Selena Gomez as Alex Russo, David Henrie as Justin Russo, and Jennifer Stone as Harper Finkle.

  • Selena Gomez - Alex Russo: a wizard in training, the middle child and only daughter in the Russo family. Alex becomes the family wizard and is dating a werewolf named Mason Greyback.
  • David Henrie - Justin Russo: a wizard in training, the oldest child in the Russo family. Justin keeps his wizard powers and becomes headmaster of WizTech while dating a vampire named Juliet Van Heusen.
  • Jake T. Austin - Max Russo: a wizard in training, the youngest child in the Russo family. Max loses his wizard powers, but inherits the sub shop, and is dating a mortal named Talia Robinson.
  • Jennifer Stone - Harper Finkle: Alex's best friend who becomes aware of the Russo's wizard powers after Alex tells her in the second season. She moves in with the Russo family and starts dating Zeke Beakerman in the third season.
  • María Canals Barrera - Theresa Russo: Justin, Alex, and Max's mother. She is a mortal and despises magic. Theresa is the wife of Jerry and is Mexican-American.
  • David DeLuise - Jerry Russo: Justin, Alex, and Max's father and former wizard, who teaches his children about magic. He gave up his powers to marry Theresa and is the oldest of three. He has a younger sister named Megan, and a younger brother named Kelbo. He is Italian-American.

Recurring characters:[]

  • Dan Benson - Zeke Beakerman: Justin's best friend and Harper's boyfriend as of mid-season three. Justin tells him about magic in season four.
  • Bill Chott - Hershel Laritate: The principal at Tribeca Prep who has a love and hate relationship with Alex, and favors Justin. Mr. Laritate loves anything having to fo with the Old West and is often seen wearing a bolo tie. He commonly refers to people by their last name.
  • Gregg Sulkin (seasons 3-4) - Mason Greyback: Alex's werewolf boyfriend and main love interest since the third season. Mason and Alex date briefly during early season three and get back together at the end of the season. Mason and Alex date on and off throughout season four. Mason use to date Juliet Van Heusen.
  • Ian Abercrombie - Professor Crumbs: The headmaster of WizTech. Always seen with a fake long beard. Professor Crumbs refers to Justin as "extraordinary" while also having faith in Alex. Professor Crumbs retires from being headmaster in the series finale and turns the job over to Justin.
  • Bridgit Mendler (seasons 2-4) - Juliet Van Heusen: Justin's vampire girlfriend and most notable love interest. Justin and Juliet start dating during the four part saga during season two, Wizards vs. Vampires. They date through the first half of season three when Mason scratches Juliet, turning her into an old woman. At the end of season three, Justin finally moves on. After a long absence, Juliet returns young again, with the help of an angel of darkness. Justin and Juliet get back together. Juliet used to date Mason Greyback.
  • Amanda Tepe (seasons 1-2) - Monotone Woman: A woman with a monotone who plays various characters in the first season, as well as a hot dog vendor in the second season. Her name was said to be Elaine in the first season finale, but other times, her name tag has said Amanda.
  • Daniel Samonas (seasons 2 and 4) - Dean Moriarty: Alex's ex-boyfriend and main love interest of season two. Alex and Dean date throughout the second season, but when Dean moves to Ohio, they try and fail with long distance. Dean returns in season four to win Alex back, but she turns him down to get back together with Mason.
  • Josh Sussman (seasons 1-2 and 4) - Hugh Normous: Alex's friend who thinks he's a giant because his adoptive parents are. Hugh meets his biological parents in season two. After a long absence, Hugh returns in season four as one of the residents who live on the secret 13th floor at the Windsor apartments.
  • Frank Pacheco (season 4) - Felix: One of the wizard delinquents that Justin tutors in season four. Felix has a crush on Alex and is a descendant of a very powerful wizard. Felix was one of the residents who lived on the 13th floor at the Windsor apartments.
  • Andy Kindler (seasons 3-4) - Chancellor Rudy Tootietootie: Head of the monster hunting counsel and the love and romance counsel. Chancellor Tootietootie hosts the wizard competitions and was next in line to be headmaster of WizTech, however, Professor Crumbs gives the position to Justin.

Video game[]

File:Wizards of Waverly Place Video game.jpg

The second video game.

"Wizards of Waverly Place" is a video game published by Disney Interactive Studios for the Nintendo DS. It was released on August 25, 2009 in America. The Game has many sets from the TV show along with some new ones. The game is about Alex buying a bracelet that is for adult wizards and starts freezing people.

"Wizards of Waverly Place: SpellBound" is the sequel to "Wizards of Waverly Place". It was released on November 16, 2010. The game is about finding out what happened to a dress designed by Alex Russo that goes missing just before her big fashion show.



Main article: Wizards of Waverly Place (soundtrack)

The soundtrack album for the hit Disney Channel Original Series of the same name. The album was released as a physical CD, enhanced CD and digital on August 4, 2009, under Walt Disney Records. The album includes songs from and inspired by the TV series and Wizards of Waverly Place: The Movie.

In response to the soundtrack, Stephen Thomas Erlewine of Allmusic recognized Wizards for its "teen revamps of boomer classics that parents can enjoy too". He also stated that the album is "agreeable" and that Selena Gomez "inevitably stands out from the pack". However, Erlewine said: "the dang-awful version of America's "You Can Do Magic" by Drew Seeley is sunk by its hyper-claustrophobic rhythms, the biggest rearrangement of a tune here and easily the worst cut."

Video game[]

A video game based on the series was released in August 2009.

DVD releases[]


Name Episodes Region 1 DVD extras
Wizards of Waverly Place: Wizard School Wizard School Part 1, Wizard School Part 2, Curb Your Dragon, Disenchanted Evening July 29, 2008 Work It Like a Wizard – Selena, Jake, and David's favorite things to do.
Wizards of Waverly Place: Supernaturally Stylin' Credit Check, Smarty Pants, Beware Wolf, Graphic Novel Fashionista Presto Chango! – Go behind the scenes with the stars for some wardrobe magic!
Wizards on Deck with Hannah Montana Cast-Away (To Another Show) (Wizards), "Double Crossed" (Suite Life), "Super(stitious) Girl" (Hannah Montana) September 22, 2009 Justin's Award Winning Essay – It's A Suite Life Having Fun With Hannah & The Wizards
The Wizards Return: Alex vs. Alex - Extended Edition Full-Length TV Movie June 25, 2013 Alternate Ending, Cast Goodbyes

Season releases[]

Name Episodes Region 2 Region 4 DVD extras
Season 1: Volume 1: Work It Like a Wizard Crazy 10-Minutes Sale, First Kiss, I Almost Drowned in a Chocolate Fountain, New Employee, Disenchanted Evening, You Can't Always Get What You Carpet, Alex's Choice October 5, 2009 March 3, 2010 Work It Like a Wizard – Selena, Jake, and David's favorite things to do.
Season 1: Volume 2: Magic Training Curb Your Dragon, Movies, Pop Me and We Both Go Down, Potion Commotion, Justin's Little Sister, Wizard School Part 1, Wizard School Part 2 October 5, 2009 June 2, 2010 Casting A Spell
Season 1: Volume 3: Stylin' Powers The Supernatural, Alex in the Middle, Report Card, Credit Check, Alex's Spring Fling, Quinceanera, Art Museum Piece October 5, 2009 August 2010 Fashionista Presto Chango! – Go behind the scenes with the stars for some wardrobe magic!

The show's complete first season was released on September 10, 2009 in Germany, on October 1, 2009 in Spain, on March 3, 2010 in France and on March 12, 2010 in Poland.

Awards and nominations[]

Year Award Category Work Outcome
2008 ALMA Award "Outstanding Male Performance in a Comedy Television Series" Jake T. Austin Nominated
"Outstanding Female Performance in a Comedy Television Series"|

Selena Gomez

Young Artist Award "Best Young Ensemble Performance in a TV Series" Wizards of Waverly Place
Imagen Award "Best Actress – Television" Selena Gomez
2009 Image Award "Outstanding Performance in a Youth/Children's Program – Series or Special" Selena Gomez
Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards "Favorite TV Actress" Selena Gomez Won
Young Artist Award "Best Performance in a TV Series (Comedy or Drama) – Leading Young Actress" Selena Gomez Nominated
"Best Performance in a TV Series (Comedy or Drama) – Leading Young Actor" Jake T. Austin
Primetime Emmy "Outstanding Children's Program" Cast Won
ALMA Award "Special Achievement Comedy – Television – Actress" Selena Gomez
"Special Achievement Comedy – Television – Actress" María Canals Barrera Nominated
Imagen Award "Best Actress – Television" Selena Gomez
2010 Image Award "Outstanding Performance in a Youth/Children's Program – Series or Special" Selena Gomez
Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards "Favorite TV Show" Wizards of Waverly Place
"Favorite TV Actress" Selena Gomez Won
Young Artist Award "Best Performance in a TV Series (Comedy or Drama) – Leading Young Actor" Jake T. Austin Nominated
Teen Choice Awards "Choice TV Actress: Comedy" Selena Gomez Won
"Choice TV Show: Comedy" Wizards of Waverly Place Nominated
Primetime Emmy "Outstanding Children's Program" Wizards of Waverly Place
"Outstanding Children's Program" (for Wizards of Waverly Place: The Movie) Wizards of Waverly Place Won
Nickelodeon Australian Kids' Choice Awards "Fave TV Show" Wizards of Waverly Place Nominated
"Fave TV Star" Selena Gomez Won
British Academy Children's Awards "BAFTA Kid's Vote: TV" Wizards of Waverly Place
2011 Image Award "Outstanding Children's Program" Wizards of Waverly Place Nominated
"Outstanding Performance in a Youth/Children's Program – Series or Special" Selena Gomez
Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards "Favorite TV Show" Wizards of Waverly Place
"Favorite TV Actress" Selena Gomez Won
"Favorite TV Sidekick" David Henrie Nominated
Young Artist Award "Best Performance in a TV Series – Guest Starring Young Actress 11–15" Bella Thorne
Teen Choice Awards "Choice TV Actress: Comedy" Selena Gomez Won
"Choice TV Show: Comedy" Wizards of Waverly Place Nominated
Imagen Award "Best Young Actress/Television" Selena Gomez Won
"Best Supporting Actress/Television" María Canals-Barrera Nominated
Primetime Emmy "Outstanding Children's Program" Wizards of Waverly Place
"Outstanding Cinematography For A Multi-camera Series" Dancing With Angel
ALMA Award "Best TV Actress" Selena Gomez
"Best Supporting Actress/Television" María Canals-Barrera Won
Nickelodeon Australian Kids' Choice Awards "Fave TV Star" Selena Gomez
"Fave TV Show" Wizards of Waverly Place
2012 Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards "Favorite TV Show" Wizards of Waverly Place Nominated
"Favorite TV Actress" Selena Gomez Won
"Favorite TV Sidekick" Jennifer Stone Nominated
Young Artist Award
"Best Performance in a TV Series – Recurring Young Actress 17–21" Bridgit Mendler
"Best Performance in a TV Series – Guest Starring Young Actor 14–17" LJ Benet
Primetime Emmy "Outstanding Children's Program" Wizards of Waverly Place Won

Wizards of Waverly Place: The Movie[]

The Disney Channel Original Movie, based on the series, premiered on August 28, 2009, on Disney Channel. Wizards of Waverly Place: The Movie was filmed in Puerto Rico, Los Angeles, and New York City from February 16 to March 27, 2009. The movie received 11.4 million viewers on its premiere, making it the second-most-viewed DCOM premiere in the US after High School Musical 2. It was the 7th most watched basic cable telecast in 2009. It won a Primetime Emmy Award in 2010 for "Outstanding Children's Program".

Proposed Sequel[]

In June 2010, production of a second film was announced. Dan Berendson was to return as script writer for the film. Since that announcement, no other updates were made about the sequel. On April 25, 2011, Selena Gomez confirmed in an interview that the proposed sequel would not be filmed. However, on July 28, 2011, María Canals-Barrera stated in an interview that the project was "not 100% dead anymore" and that she was "hopeful" that a second film would be produced. Later, it was confirmed that the "Wizards" would return in a special event entitled, "The Wizards Return: Alex vs. Alex" in early 2013.

Series finale[]

On Friday, January 6, 2012, Wizards of Waverly Place aired its one-hour series finale, "Who Will Be The Family Wizard?", which averaged nearly 10 million viewers (9.8 million; live+same day) to up to 11.3 million. Although it was not the series' most-watched special, being behind, Wizards of Waverly Place: The Movie, and Cast Away (To Another Show), it was the most-watched finale for a Disney Channel Original Series.

Excluding the crossover programming special, it was the franchise's most-watched episode. The closer also set series best among kids 6–11 (4.2 million) and teens 9–14 (3.8 million). It also obtained a solid 1.9 rating with adults 18–49. Notably, the finale is the current TV season's most-watched cable telecast among scripted programs.

The show ended with Alex becoming the family wizard, Justin being declared new Headmaster of WizTech (also keeping his wizard powers), and Max getting to run the sub shop. Max is very happy with his position.

2013 special: The Wizards Return: Alex vs. Alex[]

On September 27, 2012, Disney Channel announced that Wizards of Waverly Place would return for an hour-long special, that began production on October 22, 2012, and ended production on November 10, 2012, for a premiere telecast on the cable channel in early 2013. The special, to be executive produced by Selena Gomez, alongside series executive producers Vince Cheung and Ben Montanio (who will also co-write the special with Dan Berendsen), will center on the Russos' and Mason's visit to Tuscany to meet long-lost relatives from Jerry's side of the family. In an attempt to prove to her family that she's not merely a carefree wizard, Alex inadvertently casts a spell that creates two versions of her with differing personalities: an evil version of Alex that ends up involved in another wizard's plan for world domination, and a good version who upon discovering the wizard's plan, tries to find a way to save her family and mankind, leading to a literal battle between good and evil atop the Leaning Tower of Pisa.


Main article: Wizards of Waverly Place (soundtrack)


  • This is one of few live action Disney Channel shows to not have a Christmas episode, and the first one of the 2000s to do so.
  • The show is adapted by Malaysia as Wizards of Warna Walk for Disney Channel Asia.

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