Withered Foxy (or Old Foxy) is one of the (former) secondary antagonists in the 1992 animated Disney direct-to video film, Five Nights at Freddy's 2 and a minor character in FNAF World.

He is Foxy the Pirate Fox from the first film, but is from the past in the year 1987.

He is voiced by Jim Cummings.



Withered Foxy seems to have a much more aggressive attitude than his future self.

He also seems to hates light. Whenever he is in the hall, Jeremy always shines his light on him, which makes Foxy annoyed and uncomfortable.


Withered Foxy is a dark orange animatronic fox with a clear orange belly. It has a sharp hook, its body is very destroyed, except its feet that are the feet of its endoskeleton.

It has a huge long tail. in its snout, it has a row of teeth. In his left eye, he has a black patch, brown nose and yellow eyes

Role in the film


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  • Jim Cummings, is the voice actor of Withered Foxy, but also I interpret to several characters of animated films, like Razoul in the franchise Aladdin, Ed in The Lion King franchise, Kaa in The Jungle Book 2 and Others characters with the same voice tone.
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