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The Opening[]

[The film begins with Wheeler, Violet and Shang inside in the ground while it rains.]

Wheeler: Wow.

Violet: Mmm.

Wheeler: Wow.

Violet: Mmm-hmm.

Wheeler: Wow.

Violet: Isn't it amazing, Shang?

Shang: Yes, mom. No, I see it. It's beautiful.

Violet: So, Shang, when you said you wanted a view, you didn't think that we we're gonna get the whole ocean, did you?

Shang: Mmm.

Wheeler: Did my girl deliver or did she deliver?

Violet: Oh, I deliver all right.

Violet: And it wasn't so easy.

Shang: Blah!

Violet: You better believe they pick up every single one of pieces of food!

Shang: Thanks, mom! You did good. And the neighborhood is awesome.

Wheeler: So, son, you do like it, don't you?

Shang: No, no. I do, I do. I really do like it. But dad, I know that the hill is desirable with the great schools and the amazing view and all, but do we really need so much space?

Wheeler: Of course! The baby deserve the best. Look, look, look. She'll wake up, poke her little head out and can see a big bee! See, right by her bedroom window.

Violet: Shh, you'll wake the egg.

[The family peeks at the egg.]

Shang: I can see the head.

Wheeler: We still have to name it.

Violet: You wanna name all of 'em, right now? All right, if it's a boy, we'll name it "Slim", and if it's a girl, we'll name it "Rosetta". Okay, we're done.

Shang: I like "Gypsy".

Violet: "Gypsy"...

Shang: Just think that in a couple of days, I'm gonna be a brother!

Violet: I hope it's a... lady.

Shang: Yeah. What if it won't like me?

Wheeler: Oh, Shang. It's just a little one, the baby is bound to like you.

Shang: Mmm.

[Wheeler flies out of the ground out the rain, the suddenly freezes.]

Violet: [flies out] Where did everybody go?

[A bird appears in front of Wheeler, while he is shocked.]

Shang: [whisper] Dad! No!

Violet: [whisper] Wheeler, get inside underground, please. No, don't. The food will be fine. Just get inside, you, right now.

[Wheeler stares at them and the egg, but flies around the bird.]

Shang: DAD!!! NO!

Violet: WHEELER! NO!

[The bird flies fast to catch Wheeler.]

Shang: The bird is gonna feed DAD to his BABBIES!


[The rain comes down harder, making them get wet and past out, in the night. Shang and Violet wakes up.]

Shang: [Gasp] DADDY!

Violet: [Gasp, cries] Wheeler? Boo-Boo Bear?

Shang: [picks up the egg] Ohh. There, there, there. It's okay, daddy's here. big brother's got you. I promise, I will never let anything happen to you...

Violet: ... Gypsy.

Years On...[]

[As the Walt Disney Pictures logo fades off the screen, the chorus heard in the background mixes with the grassland, the title "WINGS OF LIFE" appears on screen. Then, a cocoon appears, and Little Gypsy comes out of the cocoon.]

Gypsy: I'm finished! Finally, I'm a beautiful butterfly! [Grunting] My wings! Oh, they're beautiful! [Strains, Grunts]

Violet: Gypsy!

Gypsy: Yes, mother?

Violet: What did I tell you about trying to fly?

Gypsy: Not until my wings grow in.

Violet: Right.

Gypsy: But, mom--

Shang: Gypsy, you're a brand new butterfly and your wings are too little--

Gypsy: I was talking to mom, Shang!

Violet: Now, Gypsy, be nice to your brother.

Gypsy: What? It's not my fault he's so stressed out.

Violet: [Gasps] Gypsy!

Shang: [Sighs] I know, I know. I'm always acting like the sky is falling.

Gypsy: UGH! I'll just walk! [walks away]

Violet: Be safe!

Meet Friends[]

[Tulip, Francis, Prescott, and Ely appears.]

Ely: Hey, it's Gypsy!

Tulip: You're a butterfly!

Francis: Pretty.

Gypsy: Hi, guys! What's going on?

Tulip: We're collecting flowers for Mating Season.

Ely: I heard you're mom is dating Razor.

Gypsy: Uhh...

Tip: ¡Qué linda pareja!

Chip: Hubba! Hubba!

[Francis touches Gypsy's wings.]

Gypsy: Francis, what are you doing?

Francis: I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm so sorry! There pretty! Because, I made a drawing just for you. [showing leaf] My teacher said I should draw you in a tiara because it's romantic... just like you.

Gypsy: Umm, okay.

Francis: And, here some flowers just for you! A-And, this is my new idea for Mating Season. And, n-no more picking food. You it cut with this stick! I promise just for you and it matches you're color, but not really, cause I didn't finish it!

Gypsy: Um, thank you... Francis.

Francis: Or, maybe--

Tulip: We don't have time for this. We never have time to collect food for ourselves.

Chip: We spend all summer matchmaking for this day.

Tip: ¿Quieres ayudar a llenar esta cosa? Get rid of that machine, get back in the ground and help like everybody else!

Gypsy: Please, Francis, just go.

Francis: I'm sorry, I was really just trying--

Razor Time![]

[Horn Sounds]

Opal: [Gasps] He's here.

Children: [Gasping]

[Panicked Chattering, the children runs underground. Then, Razor appears.]

Razor: Honey! I'm home!

Violet: Oh, hello, Razor-Razor!

Razor: Hello, puckie!

Tulip: Oh, brother. Now, there engaged.

Francis: Gypsy, there's something I need to tell you.

Gypsy: Not now, Francis. Shh !

Francis: But, Gypsy--

Gypsy: SHH! Shut up! J-Just shut up!

Razor: So, where is it? Where's my starstone? Opal: l-l-Isn't it up there ? What ? - The food was in a leaf sitting on top-- - Excuse me. Are you sure it's not up there ? - Are you saying I'm stupid ? - No.