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Wheeler is a minor character from Disney film Wings Of Life. He is voiced by Tim Allen.

Role in the film[]

Wheeler only appears in the beginning. Wheeler was Violet's husband and Shang and Gypsy's father. He was shown at the beginning of the movie, however, Shang says that she likes the name "Gypsy". When Violet swam out after her, she saw Wheeler staring at a bird, then told him to get back into the house. Despite Violet's attempts to get him to go inside their home, he rushed down to protect the food, and the bird went after him. When Shang and Violet later woke up that night, she discovered that the food is still there but Wheeler gone (he got eaten by the bird). Shang then picked up the egg, which would later be Gypsy to honor Wheeler's dying wish, as he had sacrificed herself to save them.


  • During the film, while he never got to meet her daughter, Wheeler cherished Gypsy, showing nothing but pride and happiness for the kind of person she would become. Meaning, Gypsy has develop her love towards her dad.