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Penny Park is the love interest of Wayne Newton. She is also his next-door neighbor. Wayne is madly in love with her, but she still doesn't know that, although she does have feelings for him. She and Wayne have been best friends since kindergarten. However, in the 6th grade, she decided to not hang out with him anymore, due to Newton being a nerd, but they still remained friends.

They have a love/hate relationship. In the beginning of high school, she sees his new appearance where she secretly began to like Wayne, eventually turning into love over the years. Despite this she was unable to confess her love to him because when they were little, she hated him because he is a nerd. and when she became cool she thought she couldn't be seen with him.

Moments in Season 1[]

Episode 1[]

  • When Penny first saw Wayne, she immediately began to like him.
  • Wayne called her a "Pretty Girl" and after that Penny got shy and blushed.
  • When Penny and Wayne stared at each other, they had a lovestruck moment.

Episode 2[]

  • Wayne said "Hey Penny, how's it going?" in a charming voice, then Penny got shy again and went lovestruck.
  • They want to compete against each other, and Wayne went lovestruck.

Episode 3[]

  • When Wayne said something bad about Penny, she was heartbroken.
  • Penny teased Wayne and called him a nerd, Wayne was heartbroken.

Episode 4[]

  • After Wayne destroyed Penny's painting, she said "You dork! You are so totally toast!"
  • Penny said "You are so totally toast!"" in a frustrating voice, then Wayne got shy again and went lovestruck, but stops and said "Hey! Enough with the love, Penny!"

Episode 5[]

  • They had a teen-to-teen conversation.


  • Throughout the series, it is shown that Penny has a crush on Wayne, and Wayne has a crush on her, despite the fact both are enemies. Due to this, they cannot be together.
  • They have a love/hate relationship.