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The Walt Disney Legacy Collection is a Blu-ray collection archiving most of the animated shorts, rare films, live-action works, and television material released and produced by Walt Disney during his lifetime. It serves as a successor to the Walt Disney Treasures DVD sets produced in the 2000s, and is largely similar to that series.


For a list of shorts that will be featured on the sets, see here.

For the openings of the DVDs, see here.

Set name "Released/Broadcast Between" Short/movie/episode count Number of discs Part of wave #
Mickey Mouse: The Black & White Years 1928-1935 74 shorts 4 1
Silly Symphonies 1929-1939 75 shorts 4 1
Dumbo 1941 The fourth film in the Disney Animated Canon 2 1
Song of the South 1946 One full-length feature film and one documentary 2 1
Dateline: Disneyland 1954-1990 16 anthology episodes and selected miscellaneous shorts and television specials 3 1
The Donald Duck Collection 1936-1946 50 shorts 3 2
Goofy: The Complete Collection 1939-2007 50 shorts 3 2
And Now, Your Host, Walt Disney: The Disneyland Anthology 1954-1959 18 anthology episodes 4 2
South of the Border 1942-1944 (Brazil), 1943-1945 (US) The sixth and seventh films in the Disney Animated Canon 3 2
20,000 Leagues Under the Sea 1954 Walt Disney's adaptation of the Jules Verne book of the same name 2 2
Mickey Mouse: The Color Collection 1935-1995 45 shorts 3 3
Walt Disney on the Homefront 1941-1945 40 shorts, one full-length feature film, and two documentaries 3 3
Davy Crockett 1954-1955 Five episodes and two movies 2 3
Zorro: The Complete Series 1957-1961 78 episodes and four bonus anthology series episodes 5 3
Mary Poppins 1964 One full-length feature film 2 3
The Donald Duck Collection: Volume Two 1947-1966 48 shorts 3 4
Oswald the Lucky Rabbit: The Commemorative Edition 1927-1928 20 shorts (more will be added as they are found) 2 4
Walt's Adventureland: True-Life Adventures 1948-1964 25+ documentaries/anthology episodes 4 4
Alice in Wonderland 1951 The thirteenth film in the Disney Animated Canon 2 4
Music and Melody 1946-1948 The eighth and tenth films in the Disney Animated Canon 3 4
Donald Duck on Disneyland 1954-1960 anthology series episodes 5
Walt Disney Rarities 1938-2004 74 shorts 4 5
The Florida Project: Walt Disney World 1971-2001 TBA 3 5
Walt Disney's EPCOT 1966-198? TBA 2 5
The Complete Pluto 1936-1952 50 shorts 3 6
Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color: Starring Ludwig Von Drake 1961-1967 17 episodes of Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color 3 6
Alice in Cartoonland: The Original Alice Comedies 1923-1927 41 shorts 3 6
The Mickey Mouse Club 1955-1964 The first week - and assorted subsequent episodes - of the eponymous television show 3 6


Unlike the Treasures series, the Legacy Collection will be backed up with a larger, yet limited marketing campaign (mostly through D23). The series will be available in only selected retailers, yet will be available earlier for members of D23.

As opposed to having a separate DVD version available, the bulk of the series will be sold on Blu-ray only and will be available in two ways: either a plain SteelBook with the booklet, lithographs, posters, and smaller extra materials intact, or a "collector's edition" box with not only those things, but material that would not fit into the regular version, like replicas of vintage "Disneyana". For DVD owners or people who have missed out on the Treasures series, the series will be reintroduced both in gift packs and individually, the latter now coming inside of an O-sleeve instead of a tin.

Companion booklets

Each Legacy Collection set comes with a highly informative booklet, which serves as a guide to the content on each disc in three ways: for animation sets, the director, production number, release date (if available), sypnosis, and some liner notes for each short are listed; for films, the same factors apply, but also with many more behind-the-scenes notes and photos than the shorts; and for television series, the original broadcast date, sypnosis, notes, and (in many cases) chapters of each episode are listed.

Sets currently in development