Not To Be Confused of The 2008 Film.

WALL-E is a 1985 American-British Tradition Animated Family Film Which Is Directed By Rick Reinert.

This is a 6th Installment of Winnie The Pooh.

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Film information

Directed by

Rick Reinert

Produced by

Rick Reinert


Rob Rackstraw
Julie McWhirter
Richard Dean Anderson
Dave Foley
Tress MacNeille
Joey Lawrence
Peter Cullen
Jim Cummings

Music by

The Sherman Brothers


Walt Disney Animation France S.A.

Distributed by

Buena Vista Distribution

Release Date(s)

July 26 1985

Running time

99 Minutes



Gross Revenue


Preceded by

Winnie the Pooh and a Day For Eeyore

Followed by

Flik and Princess Atta
The Real Robot


  • Rob Rackstraw as WALL-E
  • Julie McWhirter as EVE
  • Richard Dean Anderson as M-O
  • Dave Foley as The Captain
  • Frank Welker as MutoBot/Hal the Cricket
  • Jim Cummings as D-FIB/John
  • Tress MacNeille as PR-T/Mary
  • Joey Lawrence as Lil M-O
  • Peter Cullen as HAN-S/RESSOR-A/GO-3


  • WALL-E Met Hal
  • WALL-E Solar Charges Through The Sun.
  • WALL-E Met EVE
  • EVE Met WALL-E
  • EVE Shuts Down When WALL-E Has Been Panicked.
  • WALL-E And EVE’s First Date.
  • WALL-E Goes To Axiom.
  • WALL-E Met M-O And Lil M-O.
  • Captain And MutoBot’s First Appearance.
  • EVE Turns On.
  • Repair Ward When WALL-E Went.
  • Meet Rejected Bots.
  • EVE and WALL-E Goes To Escape Pod.
  • WALL-E Got Into Escape Pod.
  • WALL-E And EVE Space Dancing Before Define Dancing.
  • EVE Notices WALL-E.
  • MutoBot Shocks WALL-E.
  • EVE Tries To Fix WALL-E.
  • The Battle.
  • GO-3 Explodes After He Fell Off.
  • WALL-E Gets Crushed by Holo-Dectector Near The Frame.
  • EVE Fixes WALL-E When They Got Home.
  • At The End, EVE and WALL-E Were Together At Last.


  • Winnie The Pooh - The Sherman Brothers
  • Put On Your Sunday Clothes - The Sherman Brothers
  • It Only Takes a Moment - The Sherman Brothers


WALL-E (1985 Film)/Transcript


  • M-O Sounds Like Angus MacGyver from 1985 TV Series.
  • MutoBot Appears To Be Sound Like Auto From The 2008 Film.
  • Hal is a Jumping Cricket Before A Different Bug from The 2008 Film.
  • GO-3 Appears In This Film Before GO-4 Appears In The 2008 Film.
  • This Film Has Been Released On UK VHS And Distributed by Thames Video And Walt Disney Home Video.
  • First Time, Rob Rackstraw Voiced WALL-E Which He Didn’t Get it Until 1992 While Practicing.

Release Date

July 26 1985

Running Time

99 Minutes

Music By

The Sherman Brothers

Buddy Baker (Archive For Winnie the Pooh and the Blustery Day and Winnie The Pooh And Tigger Too)


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