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"Violet's Christmas" is a 1987 Christmas animated television special, it originally aired on Disney on December 9, 1987. In the program, Violet Lavender questions the meaning of Christmas, if it has lost its true meaning from all the commercialism.


  • Jaleel White as Violet Lavender, the main protagonist. A 14-year-old girl in middle school who lost her mother at a young age and now lives with her father and aunt. She is a shy girl who lacks self-confidence and her classmates take advantage of her. The story begins with her wishing she wasn't so boring and this wish is granted when the ability to whistle came in her life. She is also Lucas' childhood friend, love interest and future husband.
  • Joey Lawrence as Lucas Parr, the deuteragonist. He is Violet's best friend, love interest and future husband and one of the only kid who does not make fun of her. During the special, he harbors deep affections for Violet.
  • Bette Midler as Aunt Sarah, the tritagonist. Violet's aunt and Woodstock's sister.
  • Mickey Rooney as Woodstock, the secondary tritagonist. Violet's father and aunt Sarah's brother. He is often a busy bee, Violet often harbors some resentment towards him.
  • Natalie Gregory as Patty Yule, the secondary antagonist. She serves as a rival and bully to Violet as they both are in love with Lucas, but at the end, she comes to respect Rudolph.