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Dot McMahon is the main character in CGI television series, Little Helper. She was voiced by Sarah Freeman.


Dot is Roddy's next-door neighbor, and the girl of his dreams. She really breaks the popular girl stereotype, she's very kind and caring, she knows a lot of facts, and she treats others nicely by who they are and not how popular they are. She is willing to express her opinion and is not afraid to do a challenge or anything daring. As a child she seemed to be less mean though she was still quite cold.


Dot was born to Sally McMahon in the year 2004. hen she first attended Washington Elementary school in kindergarten when she became instantly nicer along with her new best friend Francine. Sometime at the start of 1st grade she would meet Robby, who at first she actually hated after he accidentally ruined her finger painted picture and would continue to hate him until she caught him carving his confession of love to her on a tree in the park, where she secretly began to like him, eventually turning into love over the years. Despite this she was unable to confess her love to Roddy because when they were little, boys were "Supposed to be icky." and when she became cool she thought she couldn't be seen with him.