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Undertale better known as Undertale: Good Ending is a Disney movie released in 2020. The film is due as producer Lauren Faust, as writer Rebecca Sugar and to do the songs Teddyloid, Randy Petersen and Kevin Quinn! The movie was released on September 7th but an alternate ending of the movie that went to Disney Plus released on September 8th.


The movie begins with an opening to show a little history, there were two peoples: humans and monsters! Until a war broke out between the two peoples and humans won by placing the monsters underground!

Then at the opening is shown a human walking down a hill until the human falls underground and then is shown our protagonists a brown-haired girl wearing a blue sweater with purple stripes.

She starts walking and finds a flower that turns out to be friendly but then turns out to be monstrous so the flower named Flowey almost killing the protagonist is stopped by Toriel the guardian of the ruins.

Toriel teaches about the ruins and the protagonist begins to make puzzles to go to Toriel's house, arriving at Toriel's house, Toriel shows a room made for the protagonist!

Then the protagonist goes to sleep. Then she is shown waking up so she sees a pie on the floor. The protagonist takes the pie and eats. The protagonist goes to Toriel who reads a book, the protagonist asks how she goes home and Toriel goes to a place.

Protagonist follows Toriel and discovers that she wants to destroy the door leading out of the ruins. Toriel and the Protagonist fight until Toriel accepts defeat and lets the protagonist go!

The protagonist begins to walk in a place full of snow until she unintentionally breaks a stick. She continues walking and reaches a bridge and on the bridge a mysterious being behind her appears, the being is being covered by a hood.

The protagonist shakes his hand in fear but then shows that it was a skeleton that was just making fun of her. The skeleton named Sans starts talking about this snow place called Snowdin!

After Sans presents the place he tells the protagonist to hide in the lamp so that his brother Papyrus who is a human hunter does not see her!

She does this and Papyrus appears angry, Sans and Papyrus start talking until they both leave. The protagonist begins to walk by snowdin. After she makes some Papyrus and Sans puzzles she arrives in Snowdin!

She meets Papyrus and the two start fighting, the protagonist comes out victorious and makes Papyrus her friends!