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Main characters[]

  • Davey Rockwood (voiced by Yuri Lowenthal): The main protogonist of the series.
  • Staro (voiced by Benjamin Diskin): Staro is a ferocious dragon-like alien with extremely high aggressiveness due to hot-blooded enthusiasm, yet friendly towards his comrades.
  • Ralph Fedrickson (voiced by Andrew Caldwell): Davey's best friend and the series' deuteragonist.
  • Supremega-Xis (voiced by Kyle Hebert): Supremega-Xis is a robotic elephant-like alien who is a noble warrior.
  • Abby Pukimoto (voiced by Vyvan Pham): A Japanese-American rich girl who is Davey's love interest.
  • Eva (voiced by Katie Griffin): Eva is a beautiful alien with an appearance of a rabbit.