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Act 1[]

  • Narrator: This is not you're ordinary fairy tale, this about a team who defends their lives against a group of bad guys planning an invasion of their homeworld.
  • [As the Walt Disney Pictures logo fades off the screen, the title "UP-GRADE" appears on screen.]
  • [The scene starts off with Stella and Phyla walking on the streets of the planet Ethito as they often does. As she turns into an alley way, she spots two aliens.]
  • Stella: Oh-no.
  • Phyla: Is the Dreegons, again?
  • Stella: Yes, and their taking are supplies again. It's a crime.
  • Phyla: They are making our lives more difficult. Everyday, it gets worst and worst.
  • Stella: Why don't we just talk to them, instead?
  • Phyla: NO! We're facing an enemy we don't know with technology we don't understand. This isn't the time to be asking questions.
  • Stella: Really sounds like it is.
  • Phyla: No. You know that is not the Azarnian way, Stella. They must be destroyed.
  • (Stella and Phyla jump downward in front of them.)
  • Phyla: You stole our bolts, dishonored us. Now you will fight us!
  • Dreegon #1: Listen sister, we don't want to fight you. You're clearly outnumbered.
  • Phyla: Numbers mean nothing. I do not fear you or your friend.
  • Dreegon #2: You got some imagination sweetheart!
  • (Stella uses her energy pistol to blast energy at the power source, breaking it.)
  • Dreegon #1: That's ENOUGH! We're reporting this!
  • [The Dreegons disappears.]
  • Phyla: We need to go, now!
  • Stella: Um, I'll catch up.
  • [Phyla runs away.]
  • [Stella walks on the streets, and spots a male defeating two Dreegons with his super speed.]
  • Stella: You truly are a noble creature.
  • Flash: Uh, thanks. My, uh, sister and I spotted these two and I kinda knocked them with speed.
  • Freya: Uh, I participated.
  • Stella: I am called .... Stella Lucas.
  • Flash: My name's, uh, Flash.
  • Freya: And, I am Freya. I-- (gasps) LOOK!!
  • (They both see two dreegons stalking them.)
  • Freya: THERE'S MORE?!

Act 2[]

  • (Flash flips on top of Freya's head and jumps off in front of them.)
  • Flash: Ta-da! Impressed, right?
  • Stella: Nope, but I respect your skills.
  • Freya: You know, Miss Lucas. With my brother's speed, your acrobatics, and my brian. We could all work together as a team, a unit!
  • Stella: Your bravery speaks of a heroic heart.
  • [Flash, Freya, and Stella meets Phyla at their home.]
  • Phyla: ARE YOU INSANE?! They are cowardly dishonorable fools! I don't trust them.
  • Stella: But, Phyla. They survived. They just defeated a lot of dreegons back there.
  • Phyla: There is no significance to my--
  • Stella: Phyla, we're sisters. A woman or girl in relation to other daughters and sons of her parents. That's what the word, sisters mean.
  • Phyla: Fine! We can form.... a team.