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Walt Disney Had Made a Series About Tyler the Tasmanian Tiger, Based on the Film in 2045,

it will air on Disney Channel on 28th October 2046


The Main Protagonists:

Tyler, who is a Young Thylacine who wants to Explore the Outback

Dasha, who is a Female Dingo who is Tyler's Girlfriend

Kenny, a Young Tasmanian devil, who became friends with Tyler and Dasha

Freddie, a Frill-necked Lizard, and Biwi, a Kiwi bird who became friends with Tyler

Gary, the Australian Green Tree Frog, who is a Friend of Tyler and lives in the Rainforest

Burra, a wise old Koala, who lives in a Gum Tree

Cocky, the Sulphur Crested Cockatoo, he is very wise and who lives in the Bush

Rosie and Bruce, who is Tyler's Parents

the Outback Characters:

Prince Carnifex, who is the King of all Marsupial Lions (Thylacoleos)

Princess Penelope, who is Prince Carnifex's Daughter and is also a Marsupial Lion (Thylacoleo)

Benji, the Bunny, who is Prince Carnifex's Assisant

Brewster, the Razorback (Wild Boar)

Gavin, the Goanna, Who is a Best Friends of Tyler, Dasha and Kenny

Rocky, the Rock Wallaby

Terence, the Blue Tongued lizard

The Bush Characters:

Basa, Kookaburra

Kevin, the Kangaroo (Red Kangaroo)

Gordy, the Galah

Patty, the Rainbow Parakeet

Ridge the Didge, is Dasha's Uncle and is also a Dingo

Wally, the Wombat

Edward, the Echidna

Larry, the Lyrebird

Felicity, the Fox (the Only Good Fox)

Ned Kelly, the Bush Ranger

the Rainforest:

Kelvin, the Cassowary

Kaka, the Kakapo bird, from New Zealand

the Farm:

Dolly, the Sheep

Molly, the Cow

Gertrude, the Goat

Major, the Pig

Charlie, the Rooster

Henrietta, the Chicken

Douglas, the Duck

Dora, the Duck

Midnight, Cat

Toby, the Dog

Mr. Ed, the Horse

Donald, the Donkey

Abbey, the Alpaca

Larry, the Llama

Only at the Zoo:

Charles, the Chimpanzee

George, the Gorilla

Oscar, the Orangutan

Leonard, the Lion

Nisha, the Tiger

Callum, the Cougar

Copper, the Cheetah

Lenny, the Leopard

Patty, the Indian Panther

Percy, the Serval

Harry, the Spotted Hyena

Alfie, the African wild Dog

Ben, the Brown Bear

Bill, the Black Bear

Paul, the Polar Bear

Zebedee, the Plains Zebra

Gertie, the Giraffe

Edmund, the Asian Elephant

Rupert, the Rhino

Henry, the Hippo

Garfield, the Gazelle

Annie, the Antelope

Mickey, the Meerkat

Dotty, the Fallow Deer

Stan, the Fallow Stag

Orville, the River Otter


Ronald MacDonald, the Poacher

Bull, who is a Stepbrother of Tyler, and he's also a Thylacine and he is Very Evil and Short-Tempered

Vixey, the Villainous Red Fox, who comes from an Introduced Species, and is a Vermin Pest

Frank and Eddie, two Villainous Feral Cats, who Destroys Native Wildlife

Rod, the Rabbit, who comes from an Introduced Species, he is Evil, short-tempered and is the Big Vermin Pest

Bad Billy, the Razorback (Wild Boar), if he's get eaten by Tyler and Dasha, he has his seething Bad-Temper

Bob, the Bull/Water Buffalo Hybird, he is Very Bad-Tempered

Sedrick, the Crocodile, he is a Deadly sin

Sammy, the Yellow Belly Snake

Broderick, the Brown Snake

Tim, the Taipan

Max, the Indian Mongoose

Walter, the Water Snake

Tom, the Tiger Snake

Randy, the Redback Spider

Fanny, the Funnelweb Spider

The Monk, the Evil Monkey, who is not a Local Against Tyler and Dasha

Masumbaa, the Evil Fennec/Bat Eared Fox (Only at the Zoo)


Season 1:

  1. the Thylacine and the Dingo/Tyler and the Goanna
  2. Tyler and the devil/Biwi and Freddie
  3. Tyler and the lion/Tyler, Dasha and the Boar
  4. Tyler and the Frog and the Cockatoo/Tyler and the Koala
  5. Tyler in the Outback/Tyler and the Kangaroo
  6. Why did the Rabbit became a Pest/Tyler at the Farm
  7. the thylacine and Ned Kelly