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Tyler was a main character in the Weird World franchise. He was voiced by Eugene Mirman in the films and Dee Bradley Baker in the TV series.


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  • He spoke with a Russian accent. 
  • He didn't speak often and only said one to a few lines in an TV series episode.
  • His favourite food was likely to be sushi.
  • As revealed in the episode Single Mates, Tyler became a gangster after the team split up.
    • He went by the name of T-Bone in gangster form and only did it at night in secret without the others knowing.
  • He had asthma.
  • He was killed off in the episode Lennox.
    • His thought-to-be grandson Lennox, who's immortal like he was, replaced him in the same episode.
      • He made a comeback in the episode Ghost of a Chance and then appeared in the episodes Ghost City and Time for Another Ghost Hunt, appearing in all those episodes as a ghost. However, in the latter, his physical body (along with Craig's shell) became combined and possessed by The Ghost King. Then before Ghost City's destruction, he died again after sacrificing himself in order to defeat The Ghost King and save Rainbow City and the whole of Weird World from being possessed.
        • After the episode's airing, Reloaxa made a confirmation on Twitter that Tyler's death this time was officially permanent and he will never make a physical return, thus retiring the character. This makes him the first main Weird World character to die permanently.
  • Tyler was thought to be Lennox's grandfather, but Lennox revealed in the episode Time for Another Ghost Hunt, that was a false fact and that they were just acquaintances.
  • The episode For a Spin initially revealed what presumably caused his death was strong chemicals that Stephanie accidentally spilled on some green iron oxide, TNT and a boron flame and before the lab the team investigated in exploded, which removed most of his skin and severely burnt him. However, it was revealed in the episode Ghost City that his actual death was caused by a severe asthma attack and he was already dead before the lab exploded.
  • His birthday was October 25th.