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Tinashe is the tertiary tritagonist of the Weird World franchise. She is voiced by Laya Lewis.


Official Bio[]



Just like Stephanie, Tinashe has many teenage personality traits, often feeling stressed out and acting cool and rebellious. However, unlike Stephanie, she doesn't often seem playful, in fact most of the time, she hardly ever smiles and feels rather dispirited and glum, possibly because of her rough childhood. But, she's very kind and caring to others and never has a problem when it comes to sharing.

Physical appearance[]

Tinashe has light brown skin, brown eyes and black hair with a purple/violet ombre highlight on the front. She has two smoky quartz gemstones on each of her elbows. Her normal outfit consists of a dark grey t-shirt, ripped jeans, black trainer socks and white Adidas Superstar trainers. She also wears earrings on her ears.


Weird World[]

The Weird World 4nale (Part 1)[]

The Weird World 4nale (Part 2)[]

Weird World: The TV Show[]


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  • She originally only had an indirect mention in the first film, then appeared physically in four episodes - Divedown DisentanglementOorg, Ace of Space and The Crystal Planet (in videos or flashbacks) and was hinted many times as the person who keeps sending Stephanie texts, but then she made her "official" debut in the Season 7 episode An Old Friend Returns.
  • Before the start of the franchise's main story, Tinashe committed suicide following mental problems, until she was revived and reunited with Stephanie.
  • She's a few inches shorter than Stephanie.
  • Her birthday is November 3rd.
  • She uses she/her and they/them pronouns.
  • She has never cried in her entire life, not even as a baby.
  • She usually can't stand Craig (because of his stupidity) or Sponghuck (because of his grumpiness).
    • Over the course of the franchise, she has gotten used to them.
  • She appears to love ice cream.
  • Sometimes, she likes to wear purple eye contacts.
  • She used to get teased for being weak, plus her style and hair were made fun of.
  • She used to be a bit of a law breaker at times in her teenage and young adult life.
  • Her element is earth.
  • She's left-handed, like Stephanie is.
  • Sometimes, she likes to wear purple eye contacts.
  • After many implications Tinashe reveals in Should I Stay or Should I Go? that she and Stephanie were childhood friends and at one point were even in a relationship, thus confirming Tinashe is a lesbian, just like Stephanie is.
    • By the end of the episode, she became Stephanie's girlfriend again.
  • She's the second and last main Weird World character to permanently die, the first being Tyler.