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Theseus and the Minotaur is the second episode of Disney's Animated Myths and Legends. It aired on January 2, 1998 and it follows the hero Theseus' quest to defeat the Minotaur.


The island of Crete is ruled over by the tyrannical King Minos, and the lands around him live in fear of him. However, no one feels his wrath more than the people of Athens. After the death of the king's son, the grieving Minos has delivered a chilling ultimatum; to prevent all out war, every seven years fourteen young Athenians are to be sent to Crete and trapped inside the Labyrinth, a prison in the form of a giant, dark maze, which is also the home of the Minotaur, a ferocious humanoid bull monster that was born as a result of an affair between Minos' wife and a pure, white bull that the king had refused to sacrifice to Poseidon. Once inside the Labyrinth, the imprisoned will be slaughtered by the Minotaur. Though the king's daughter, Ariadne, pleads with him to stop, he refuses, telling her that he'll make the Athenians suffer how he did.

Meanwhile, in Athens, Theseus, the son of both Poseidon and King Aegeus, witnesses soldiers from Crete taking young Athenians from their homes. He tells his father of this and announces that he will go to Crete to fight the Minotaur. The king is initially unwilling, but agrees on the condition that he returns on a white-sailed ship if he survives.