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Number 12: The tragic passing of Marigold from The Brave Good Prince: The Search for the Golden Amulet[]

Rodney: “Toby! Bethany! over here! I found her!”

Toby and Bethany rush over to Rodney with an injured and dying Marigold.

Toby: “Rodney, what happened?”

Rodney: "The dark master went and laid poor Marigold low."

Bethany: "Oh, Marigold."

Rodney: "She's hurting terribly bad.

[Gasps In Shock]

Marigold: "Hey, how come you're still standing there and-"

Bethany: "We're staying together as always, Marigold."

Toby: "And we're never breaking up with 1 another."

Marigold: "Oh yeah, I like that more than anything, the other pixies like that as well."

Marigold closes her eyes and passes away peacefully.


Number 11: Flashback memories of George Davis (Toy Story 4)[]

Andy: "So, Hannah, how's your entire day been lately?"

Hannah: "Oh, pretty good so far, I've been helping my mom and brother clean up the kitchen, but I know you have a mother and 1 sister named Molly, but do you still have a father by any chance?"

Andy: "Well, I used to, but he's in the skies of heaven right now."

Flashback sequence with George Davis in his hospital room.........

George: "Here, Andy, I'm giving you this blue skateboard."

George gives 6 Year Old Andy the blue skateboard.

6 Year Old Andy: "Wow, Dad, I really like this blue skateboard, it's super thrilling."

George: "Now you'll always have that skateboard to remember me by."

End flashback sequence.......

Andy: "My dad really loved that skateboard, good thing he gave it to me to remember him by."

Hannah: "Good thing my abusive father's no longer around, so it's nice and peaceful in my house."