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The Sky's Lost Property is a 2016 American 3D science fiction action comedy film. It was released in theaters on December 11, 2016.


A girl named August James (Francesca Capaldi) is a junior high student who dreams of becoming the first kid in space. One night in Washington, D.C., two mysterious figures arrives from spaceship. August follows them to their ship and they are actual real-life aliens from space!



  • Francesca Capaldi as August James
  • Jessie J as Carrie James
  • Josh Gad as Dr. Drake Rudolph
  • Keke Palmer as Poisandra

Voice actors and motion-capture[]

  • Ella Anderson (voice) and Bella Thorne (motion-captured) as Vera
  • Rosario Dawson (voice and motion-captured) as Khi
  • Josh Peck (voice and motion-captured) as Boomer
  • Nikki Bella (voice and motion-captured) as J-Pop
  • John Cena (voice and motion-captured) as K-Pop