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The Scrapyard Rescue is the third episode of Season 1 of Weird World: The TV Show and it's the 3rd episode overall.


Lambert, George's Lamborghini, is mistakenly taken to the scrapyard, so the team go on a mission to retrieve it, but Josie has other plans.




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The episode had initially been met with negative, and some mixed, reviews, to point of being named as one of Weird World's worst episodes. Not just by the critics, but by the fans. While the humour was praised, criticism of the episode came from it's lack of a good message, unlike the first two episodes and George being out of character.

Although this episode was forgiven thanks to it's sister episode Divedown Disentanglement, because in that episode, George did show regret for how he acted and since then, the episode's reviews were more positive.


  • Tyler speaks for the first time in the TV series, albeit only one line.
  • Since George and Josie bickered and George called out Josie for her pranks, they wouldn't make up until the episode Wall for One, One for Wall.
  • This episode shows that Craig is always tempted to eat something.
  • It's revealed that Bash sleeps in Josie's crocodile skull as well as usually standing in it.
  • This is the second time Craig shapeshifts, the first time was in the first film.
  • It's revealed that Eleanor Jacqueline takes 25 minutes to get to her workplace on foot.
  • Some of the things on Stephanie's To Do Book says:
    • Bake a 1000 Oreo Cupcakes in a day
    • Become a lifeguard
    • Book a holiday on a tropical island
    • Break the law (without getting caught)
    • Build a swimming pool of milk
    • Buy Sweet Like Chocolate by Shanks & Bigfoot on chocolate coloured vinyl
  • It's shown that Craig stands up and uses tape as a seatbelt when having a ride in Lambert.
    • This is possibly because he can't sit down since he doesn't have legs.
  • It's revealed that Stephanie never got her driver's license.