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Trailer Announcer: "3 evil scientists are attacking the neighborhood city streets, and 3 brave young heroes must defeat them 1 by 1."

Werewolf Albert: "Alright, Professor X, time for us to take you down, this is my avenge for Bethany and also my revenge on you for transforming me into a werewolf by the full moon's curse!"

Professor X: "Well, too bad, Albert, it looks like your other sweet girl isn't here to see you be truly successful any longer."

Tiffany: "We're not afraid to show our true bravery!"

Marvin: "Bethany will be avenged!"

Werewolf Albert: "I just gotta find some other ways to transform back into my original self again."

Trailer Announcer: "Disney animation productions presents: The Night of the Werewolf."

Bethany's Voice: "Albert, I'm very proud of you remembering me in your heart and mind."

Trailer Announcer: "Rated G for General Audiences, coming to theaters on October 14, 2016."