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The Musicians of Bremen is a classic story by Shari Lewis.


On a small farm, a big old black horse who is sent away from Farmer Schnicklepickle, is going to Bremen. He is joined by a small brown dog and a young orange cat who are unwanted by Farmer Hammerschlammer and Farmer Zingenklingen. So they decide to become musicians.

That night, a lamb named Lamb Chop joins the gang and she decides to become a musician too. The animals look in the window of a house and see two fierce robbers eating dinner. So Lamb Chop climb onto each of their backs to scare away the robbers, by making terrible scary noises. The robbers jump up and run out the door.

When the animals go inside, they eat dinner until it is bedtime. After dinner, they see piles of bags filled with musical instruments stolen by two robbers. Horse and Dog each pick out a stringed instrument to play. Dog chooses a violin and Horse chooses a double bass. Lamb Chop and her friends are tired so they go to sleep on the rug.

The next morning, on their way to Bremen, Cat and Lamb Chop decide to play woodwind instruments: a clarinet and a flute, a different instrument she wants to play instead of a piano because it is too big for her to carry.

In the forest, they meet Fox and Bear, and Lamb Chop gives Fox a shiny golden trumpet and Bear a long trombone. Later, a raccoon joins in, and Lamb Chop gives her one of the percussion instruments: a snare drum! At last they are all excited to play in a band at the town square in Bremen.

When they get there, they see an old man sobbing, and Lamb Chop comes up to ask him if he can hear her and her friends play their instruments. But he doesn't have any time to listen to them. So he decides to be the town's music conductor and they get to have a concert with him at the music hall theater.

As the animals are ready to go in and play for the audience, a police officer comes and takes their instruments away because they belong to another group of musicians. Devastated, the conductor doesn't know what to do until the animals see a music store next door to the concert hall. So they decide to go there and pick out their own ones they wanted to play while the conductor tells the audience there will be a concert tonight at the hall.

That night, the conductor leads Lamb Chop and her animal friends wearing bow ties, hand cuff links and straw boater hats and making music together as an orchestra by playing their own instruments they bought from the music store. The three farmers, Schnicklepickle, Hammeschlammer and Zingenklingen, are sitting in the audience.

After the concert, the farmers come up on stage and shake the conductor's hand. They are very proud of him for conducting all the animals playing their music. So they offered them to buy all of the instruments that had been borrowed from the music store so they can be able to learn how to make music together.

From that day on, Lamb Chop and the gang travel and go on a tour with posters hung up all over the world as they live happily ever after.


  • Lamb Chop – flute
  • Horse – double bass
  • Dog – violin
  • Cat – clarinet
  • Fox – trumpet
  • Bear – trombone
  • Raccoon – drums
  • Conductor
  • 2 robbers
  • Farmer Schnicklepickle
  • Farmer Hammerschlammer
  • Farmer Zingenklingen
  • Police officer
  • Audience