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The following episodes of The Mickey's Fun Songs TV Show are listed in the order of their original airing.


Season 1[]

  1. Mickey and Donald Had a Farm
  2. A Special Day for Donald
  3. Let's Go to the Circus!
  4. Goofy's Ice Cream Parlor
  5. Minnie's Fashion Show
  6. Toby in the Sky
  7. I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing
  8. Goofy's Golf
  9. Minnie's Magic Garden
  10. Three Wishes
  11. Donald and the Big Road Race
  12. Christian and Tiffany's Babysitting Adventure
  13. Mickey's Big Colorful Adventure
  14. Donald's Missing Ball
  15. The Singing Star Sensation

Season 2[]

  1. Meet the Hyper Girls
  2. A Surprise for Minnie
  3. Tiffany and Michelle's School Dance Party
  4. Chip and Dale to the Rescue
  5. Thomas and Christian at the Shopping Mall
  6. Campout at Walt Disney World
  7. Minnie's Tea Party
  8. Mickey's Halloween Party
  9. The Great Royal Kingdom Ball
  10. Chip and Dale's Little Adventures
  11. Happy Easter Day
  12. Let's Play Ball!
  13. Mickey's Round-Up
  14. X Marks the Spot
  15. Lost and Found

Season 3[]

  1. Tigger's Birthday Party
  2. Pluto Loves the Fall
  3. Beach Party at Walt Disney World
  4. Minnie's Valentine's Day
  5. Mario and the Beanstalk
  6. Angelina, Alice and the Sleeping Hedgehog
  7. Minnie's Masquerade Ball
  8. Mickey's Christmas Party
  9. Santa's Sleigh Rescue
  10. Angelina and Alice's Cinderella
  11. Poppy and Pluto's Springtime
  12. Toby's Biggest Sleepover Ever!
  13. Everyone's Best
  14. Lily's Fishy Story
  15. Mickey Gets a Big Job

Season 4[]

  1. Angelina's Big Performance
  2. The Musicians of Bremen
  3. Mickey's Show and Tell Time
  4. Let's Have a Picnic
  5. Captain Hook's Great Big Treasure Hunt
  6. Minnie Red Riding Hood
  7. Noddy's Art Show
  8. Follow That Rainbow!
  9. Poppy Cat and the Enchanted Forest
  10. Say, Say, Oh Playmate
  11. The Pet Salon
  12. Minnie's Bow-tique
  13. A Big Goofy Fairy Tale
  14. We Love You, Mickey!
  15. Disney's The Twelve Days of Christmas