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The Little Mermaid II : The NES Game is a newest video-game. He is based in the adaptation of The Little Mermaid for video-game. The game was also developed by Capcom for Nintendo System,Game Boy and PC. 


When Sebastian talks about Morgana realizes that desires, Melody goes on his quest to make a wish: become a mermaid. After the journey, Melody meets friends and various Morgana minions. Arriving Morgana, your wish is fulfilled, but it has a price: steal King Triton's trident. Dipping it lives big surprises that only exist in the game.


Guide Melody down, up, to the side and to the other, be careful with Cloak, Dagger and Undertow. Some stages have a boss: Undertow in the version of big shark, the major walrus and others. To pass level defeat them. The Final Boss is Morgana, who only appears as bad in the end. She is the strongest of all bosses and is difficult to move to the happy ending.


  1. The Coral Reefs
  2. The Sea 
  3. The Frozen Sea
  4. Atlantica
  5. The Sunker Ship
  6. The Caves
  7. The Frozen Rock
  8. Prince Eric's Palace


  • The Major Walrus - Can throw waters gers in you.
  • Undertow - Can throw bubbles in you. 
  • The Fish Stressed - Can throw shells in you.
  • Morgana - Has the ability to use the powers of all bosses.

Differences with the film / Trivia[]

  • In the film, Sebastian does not tell anything about Morgana, Undertow is talking.
  • In the movie, Melody hastily searching for Morgana in a boat, in the game she swims.
  • Melody had no desire to be a mermaid, in the game it is added to the script.
  • In the movie, the Sunker Ship not appear.
  • The scene where Melody dance at the ball and causes a confusion not appear in the game.
  • Scuttle and King Triton not appear in the game.
  • The scene that Melody is still a baby not appear.
  • Melody's Necklace not appear in the game.
  • Cloak and Dagger are blue instead of gray.
  • Morgana has the colors of Ursula.