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The Lion King: Scar's Younger Years is a fanon story about Scar and how he became the lion he is today.

Chapter One: Jealousy[]

Ever since they were born, young Taka was always jealous of his brother, Mufasa. Mufasa got most of the glory of being a prince; the next heir, the one with good manners. But Taka was always called "the other one" by most lions, lionesses, giraffes, cheetas, antelope, etc. But one day, Taka decided that HE would be what everyone called Mufasa; his brother would be murdered.

Later that afternoon, Taka was strolling down the Pride Lands. He heard noises, so he stopped dead in his tracks, getting worried. 3 mysterious hyenas walked to him, looking hungry as ever.

"Hey guys, look!" the female one said. "Looks like we got ourself dinner!"

"Yeah, looks good!" the male one replied. "He'll make me actually have energy to DO something."

The other hyena bawled with laughter. Taka backed away slowly, and realized something. Hey... he though. They think that cubs are good, I assume. Maybe if they helped me kill Mufasa..Suddenly, a devious smile covered Taka's worried emotion.

"My name is Taka." he said bravley, putting out his paw.

"Well, I'm Banzai," the male one began, "and the "girl" over there is Shenzi." Shenzi bit his neck. "OW! Anyway, Sir Laughs Alot next to you is Ed. What's up, Taka?"

Taka thought for a moment. Should I go like, "Hey, my brother is a snobby heir to the king. Wanna kill him?" No, that would make me seem desperate....

"I have this... problem." Taka said. "It's about my brother, Mufasa. We're the sons of the Pride Lands ruler, making us royalty." He hesitated, and continued. "See, Mufasa is the heir to my dad. And he gets the good stuff. Everyone else just calls me 'the other prince'. It really bugs me."

The hyenas exchanged glances. Then, Banzai managed an evil grin.

"Well, if you need any 'help', Taka, then we'd be happy to." he said.

"Perfect." Taka said. "I need you guys to help me murder him."

"Just the perfect job!" Shenzi said.

Ed started to laugh like an maniac again. That guy has issues. Taka said with an creeped out expression. He might have good use in Mufasa's death.....

Chapter 2: The First Attempt[]