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About the Movie[]

Daniel Magder, a young 17-years-old man working with his mother restaurant. He is infatuated with Boxing but her mother force him to work and school. Hans the janitor step in and help Daniel to train him as boxer to get in to School boy Championship Boxing. Daniel learns that Hans was a former professional boxer who was retired from boxing after a growing weary of his violent existence.

Cast and characters[]

  • Lukester Farrell as Daniel Magder
  • TBA as Hans
  • TBA as Christine Magder
  • TBA as Daniel's Grandpa
  • TBA as Kate Magder
  • Gina Rodriguez as Lisa, Daniel's love interest and best friend.
  • Michael Hutchinson as Willard, Daniel's friend.
  • Antonio Damian as Johnny Thomason, the Jock Guy and School boy Championship Boxing and who hates the Daniel so much, but in the end - (The real life boxer)


The film was shot in Los Angeles, California, Malibu, California, USA, and Phoenix, Arizona, USA. The film starts at Late September 2013 and complete at on February 2014.


  • They choose Luke Ford to director the film. Luke Ford was accept to director as a good partner work and friendship like the last film, Run.
  • Luke Ford will director this film.
  • Lukester Farrell will star in it and writer & producer this film.
  • It will distributed by Walt Disney Pictures.
  • The film will Rated PG for some boxing violence.
  • This will be like the other movies "Rocky" and "The Karate Kid".
  • Working title
    • Knockout
    • The Knockout Kid
    • Born to Fight
    • Daniel
    • Daniel Magder
  • Farrell choose the title Daniel because the name of his character like Rocky, but decide to renamed to "The Knockout Kid".
  • Farrell and Dan Lautner planning filming sport film some like the other Rocky and Karate Kid.
  • Lautner and Farrell will making this film small until the sequels will be bigger than ever.
  • Farrell been training at the GYM to himself fit for the film.
  • Farrell and Nasser were do the writers.


The Knockout Kid is the soundtrack of the 2014 film of the same name and comprised of music composed by James Horner.

Track list[]

  1. "Main Title - Daniel Theme"
  2. "Becoming Fighter"
  3. "Playing Basketball"
  4. "Daniel's Grandfather - The Fighter"
  5. "That's My Dream"
  6. "Fighting at School"
  7. "Hans' Boxing"
  8. "First Kiss"
  9. "Beating up in the Ring"
  10. "Hard Training"
  11. "Daniel Gets a Change"
  12. "How Dare You!"
  13. "Daniel's Speech and Apology"
  14. "I Ain't Going Down No More"
  15. "The Final Round"
  16. "Daniel Theme- End Titles"

Planning sequels[]

Lukeste Farrell and Dan Lautner said they planning for another sequels would be consisting of fifth chapters.