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The Hidden Stars is an upcoming television series that will air on Disney XD on January 6, 2017.


In a far away land called Yoshi Village, a beautiful pixie named Moon decides to that she wants a bodyguard, suddenly she and her grandmother creates a boy, made out of stars!


  • Hopstar, voiced by Sean Astin. The main protagonist of the series. He has the ability to use his rabbit ears as a weapon and spinning it at a rapid speed. He has very obvious crush on Tucci but has a great fear of her obsession with magic.
  • Tucci, voiced by Ciara Bravo. An attractive pixie who support StarBoy as he learns how to protect the village. She is also a baker at Bonbon Cakery. At times, Moon acts as if she can't stand StarBoy at times due to his prankster personality, but deep down she really has strong romantic feelings for him just as he has feelings for her.
  • El Invocador, voiced by Salma Hayek. The main antagonist. She is an odd-tempered elf, who allied herself with the granddaughter of the kingdom's best chef, 'Tucci' and offered her power in exchange for helping her seize the stars. El Invo. agreed to keep Moon family safe from harm during her invasion, but she unabashedly broke her promise and killed Moon's grandmother.
  • Uzo, voiced by Grey Griffin. A troll who serves as a Tucci's jealous cousin and a sarcastic thief who can vanish and appear in sight at the blink of an eye. She often gets into StarBoy's way by stealing his magic.