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The Fiend Team is an american animated action comedy-adventure television series to air on Disney Channel. Revolving around a group of four mutant anthromorphic creatures part of a team of spies.
Films of the show are currently unknown.

Series Overview[]

The Fiend Team follows the present-day adventures of the titluar team, a group of 5 (later 8) spies working Crimson Wind Mutant Corps (CWMC) in Chicago, Illinois.  Four monsters created by a evil scientist to destroy civilization were accidentally given permanent intelligent from a special formula by a teen agent. Shortly after defeating their evil creator, the four are appointed to be a team with her, and making her realize how wonderful friends are.  Each episode follows their missions as they try to use teamwork to stop bad guys, specifically an evil terrorist group who plan to downfall both Americas.


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The show follows the adventures of the titular Fiend Team, a group of spies containing four, later six, genetically mutated monsters who gained intelligent due to an accidental injection and one, later two human girls working Crimson Wind Mutant Corps (or CWMC for short). The Fiend team contains of Crocko, a.k.a. Agent Swamp, the crocodile-like monster leader; Ike, a.k.a. Agent Honey, an arrogant but good-hearted bear-like monster; Dangelea, a.k.a. Agent Viridian, a female goldfish-like monster and the solo female of the four; Beakbie, a.k.a. Agent Feather, a genius treepie-like monster; and human girl Rosario Cruz, a.k.a. Agent East, a half filipino/half hispanic preteen girl, former wallflower turned bookworm and latino bassist.

The show has spawned a variety of villains, but the archenemies of the Fiend Team would have to be the devious Cloud 17, a team of vicious terrorists containing seven members who plan to tear the Americas apart from the inside. Members of Cloud 17 include leader Varsha Morcos, a.k.a. Madama Bizarre, a former astronomer assistist who went insane after being hit by a falling star; Serafina Fernadez, a.k.a Black Blaze, a skilled teenage fighter dressed in all black who serves as the hitgirl for the club; Theo, a.k.a. The Screecher the psychotic pet howl monkey of Madama Bizarre, who gave him a voice translator that gives him a scary voice; Jolene Campbell, a.k.a. Spice Cream, the daughter of a former bootlegger with a very bad attitude; [[


TV Episodes[]

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