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The Extraordinary Eleven​ (formerly The Extraordinary Eight and often referred to as The Double E's) were a supergroup from the Disney franchise Weird World.


​Final Line-Up[]

​Unofficial members[]

These members joined alongside the team before their final battle, although they aren't counted as official members.

  • Eleanor Jacqueline (original leader and founder, known then as Sadie, lost her powers during a battle with King Axecutioner and originally presumed dead by the others, but currently lives with the team; replaced with George; still acts as an alley)
  • Tinashe (best friend and lover of Stephanie; sacrificed herself during their final battle)
  • Green Leopard

Former members[]

  • Tyler (died before the events of Lennox, revealed to have lived in the Ghost City since, but died permanently in Time for Another Ghost Hunt following Ghost City's destruction; Scooter replaced him as leader; replaced with Lennox)
  • Casey (Unknown fate and unknown who replaced him)
  • Cole (died from leukaemia, replaced with boyfriend Nelson, came back to life in the episode 10,000 Fireflies, but allowed Nelson to remain with the team; still acts as an alley)


  • The team were part of a series of books that were written before their official reunion and until then, people believed them to be urban legends and just comic book characters.
  • They used to be called The Extraordinary Eight, but changed their name to The Extraordinary Eleven after Cole, Brent and Zayden joined.
    • Despite this, they were still nicknamed 'The Double E's'.
  • Scooter is the current team leader.
    • Eleanor Jacqueline was the original leader when she was still part of them as Sadie, staying throughout the whole run until she left following a battle with King Axecutioner where an explosion got rid of her powers, so she ran off, while the others thought she died. When the team reunited, Scooter made himself the leader, as he had the most experience of the others, also being an original member.
      • Stephanie was originally going to be made the team leader, but Reloaxa decided to change her to just a regular member.
  • Tyler and Tinashe are the only members to die permanently.
    • Craig, Eleanor, Cole and Zayden have all died before too, but were brought back to life afterwards.
      • Green Leopard has died before too, but he was never considered an official member of the team.
  • As revealed in the episode Oorg, the Double E's have been going for at least a million years, since prehistoric times.
  • After Sadie left, this left Scooter as the sole remaining original member.
  • Scooter is the oldest member and Stephanie is the youngest. The order of age is as follows, starting with the youngest (including former members):
    • Stephanie (19 years old; born June 24th 2011)
    • Tinashe (born November 3rd; around 2010-2011)
    • Nelson (22 years old; born October 11)
    • Cole (26 years old; born August 29)
    • George Jacqueline (28 years old; born November 19)
    • Zayden (29 years old; born May 11)
    • Brent (35 years old; born April 17)
    • Josie (born September 16th)
    • Sponghuck (born April 17th)
    • Eleanor Jacqueline (at least 1,000 years old; born February 27th)
    • Craig (33,281 years old; born June 2nd)
    • Bash (at least 50,000 years old; born August 8th)
    • Tyler (at least 80,000 years old; born October 25th)
    • Scooter (at least a million years old; born March 7th sometime in the Ice Age)
      • Lennox, Green Leopard and Casey's ages and/or dates of birth are unknown.
  • Four members of the team died at some point in the series, only to be brought back to life afterwards.
  • A lot of members of the team were immortal.
    • George Jacqueline, Stephanie, Tinashe Cole, Nelson, Brent and Zayden are not immortal.
    • The rest of the team become mortal after The Water Wand took away their powers, although Eleanor most likely remained immortal after regaining her magical powers.
  • Most of the team members have a different element.
    • Stephanie's and Scooter's element is water.
    • George and Eleanor's element is spirit.
    • Tyler, Lennox and Bash's element is fire.
    • Tinashe, Josie and Casey's element is earth.
    • Craig and Sponghuck's element is air.
    • Green Leopard's element is life.
    • Cole, Nelson, Brent and Zayden don't have an element.
  • Sadie stated that each member needed to unlock their true potential to show they have what it takes to be a true part of the Double E's and it was thought that if anyone unlocks their true potential, they will each earn a special power, but it turned out not to be true and it was just a personal struggle they each had to conquer. Here's what everyone did to unlock their 'true potentials':
    • George Jacqueline: By believing in himself and never giving up.
    • Stephanie: By being sincere about her deepest thoughts.
    • Craig: By accepting his personality and the way he is. Also by learning he can do things his way.
    • Eleanor Jacqueline: By not trying so hard to perfect.
    • Tinashe: By learning forgiveness.
    • Green Leopard: TBA
    • Sponghuck: By learning there are people who care about you.
    • Tyler: By learning that there's no shame in not knowing everything
    • Lennox: By embracing his fears.
    • Scooter: By being grateful of what he has.
    • Josie: By not letting her insecurities get to her.
    • Bash: By learning that size doesn't matter.
    • Cole: By trusting his own guts.
    • Nelson: By being humble and honest.
    • Brent: By learning that he can't change the past, but can make a better future.
    • Zayden: By learning it's OK to speak up.
      • George, Stephanie, Craig, Tyler, Scooter, Josie and Bash all realised their 'true potentials' in the first film, but it took Sponghuck until Season 4 of the series to realise his.
  • Every member had an Ultimate Power, a special power that helps to enhance each member further (in each of the brackets are the relics that help unlock each ultimate power):
    • George Jacqueline: Rainbow Swirls (essence from the Elemental Butterflies)
    • Stephanie: Music Moonlight (Chocolate Vinyl)
    • Eleanor Jacqueline: Spirited Away (The Magic Synthesizer)
    • Tinashe: Earth Extravaganza/The Ultra-Ultimate Power (all the relics)
    • Craig: The Golden Laser (Tyler's Great Great Grandfather Redser's Secret Journal)
    • Green Leopard: Grass Animals (The Shapeshifting Serum)
    • Sponghuck: Lego House (Silver LEGO Brick)
    • Lennox: Fists of Fury (Tyler's Lucky Russian Flag)
    • Scooter: Frostbite Tiger (Icescope)
    • Josie: True Blue (Sapphire Diamond)
    • Bash: Electro Ghosts (Electric Salt)
    • Cole/Nelson: I Am the Ninja! (Shobu Geode's swords)
    • Brent: Acid Slider (Acid Loaded Pebbles)
    • Zayden: Pitch Black Claws (blk Water cap)
  • It was revealed in The Weird World 4nale (Part 1) that the team was in fact a façade & that The Water Wand had forced Eleanor to gather some other beings together to make it look like they were powerful, that way she would more fun making the team look weak and unable to do anything.
    • George and Eleanor were the sole exception, since Eleanor was the only member with powers when the team formed and she wished for George to be born with what seemed to be her powers and that she had always had powers.
  • The team's name was officially retired in The Weird World 4nale (Part 2) and the surviving team members all went their separate ways:
    • George Jacqueline: Continues to DJ and live in the same way as a millionaire, whilst trying new passions (such as painting) and always remembering Stephanie for being a great friend and partner in evil.
    • Stephanie: Goes back to her home on Earth, fixes her life, goes to college, buys a house with a rooftop swimming pool for herself, her mother and sister and gets her dream job as a lifeguard and occasional swimming instructor, as well as a mental health advocate, writer & illustrator, but has some of George's essentials from past experiences, so she will always remember him. She's also managed to cope with Tinashe no longer being with her.
    • Craig: Embarks on his very long awaited quest around the galaxy in search of new life, planets or other strange and mysterious things.
    • Eleanor Jacqueline: Despite regaining her magical powers, she's still living with George and is now working to be a children's author.
    • Green Leopard: Is now legally owned by George.
    • Sponghuck: Buys a mansion and becomes a multi-millionaire.
    • Lennox: Goes with Craig on his galaxy quest
    • Scooter and Josie: Give birth to a healthy baby girl, naming her Cyndi and move to a new house.
    • Bash: Opens up a comedy club and lives with Scooter, Josie and their daughter.
    • Cole and Nelson: They marry each other and form an indie music duo called Grateful Directions.
    • Brent: Embarks on a solo career, doing Latin music.
    • Zayden: Embarks on a solo career, doing hip-hop, still under the stage name Tough as Steel.

Final line-up of Members[]

Unofficial members[]

Former members[]