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THE DRAGON PRINCE is a epic fairy tale film written and directed by Steven Irizarry. it is considered one of the darkest disney films


the film has a unique mythology that states that several dimensions smashed into earth causing its landscape to change. psi energy became like magic and the world experienced a variety of new creatures. but despite this the world crumbled with the humans and non humans locked in a war. when an affair is commited by a young emperor and the evil dragon princess that leads to a secret pregnancy. the baby is raised in isolation in the mountains with his village and mentor a teddy bear type tinker a race of intelligent mystical objects. when he is informed of the truth and the world is on the brink of war he defies his clan and goes across the great divide to meet his father while he is sorroundd by ruthless racist advisers that want to keep the human blood pure.


the film was praised for its originality and its mythology and narrative, script and acting. the film was also praised for successfully tapping into the appeal of fairy tale storytelling without adapting one.