The Cycle of Day & Night
[[Day & Night|250px]]
The Pixar short based on the series.

Written and directed by

Teddy Newton

Original Music, Songs, and Scores by

Michael Giacchino


Disney Channel

Disney XD

ABC Kids

ABC Family (Specials only)


July 17, 2010 - present

First Seen (Sneak Peek)

November 5, 2009


5 comfirmed


33 comfirmed


5 confirmed

This is a "show within a show" type of TV series, much like The Legend of Zelda cartoon within The Super Mario Super Show but this time, this is within Disney's Perry the Platypus (Agent P). This series is based upon the Disney+Pixar short Day & Night. When Day, a sunny fellow encountered Night, the stranger of distinctly darker moods, sparks flew! But as their suspisions turned to curiosity, they were delighted that that budding friendship can offer a new suspective on the world. As time passed by, they became more fond of each other, became room mates, and lovingly, very best friends. Now, they go out on adventures, go on vacations, and find new discoveries.


They were not like keepers of daylight and darkness. Day and Night would be a couple of average Joes' - Day busy with sunshine and joggers, and Night focused on stars and drive-in movies. But when their paths crossed, Day and Night found that they're more alike than different - both are fearful and jealous, but ultimately proud to share the best of themselves and as they discover, better together than apart. As time passed by, more particully when they became very best friends, they act as helpful siblings.


The sunny buddy who shows the world of daylight to Night.


The night guy who shows the world of nighttime to Day.

Background Information

The animation, music, and episodes would be exactly like the theatrical short. These are some examples.


  • Every episode features CGI versions of the main characters in Disney's Perry the Platypus (Agent P).
  • The pilot is the theatrical short.
  • The intro and outro themes are the main theme from Day & Night.


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