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Chris: hi there total drama fans this is our very first season of total drama

He walks to the cabins

Chris: I told 20 contestants that this will be they're home for the next 8 weeks, they have a lot of challenges and twists this season 

Chris: let's meet our cast 

(Theme song)

Chris: alright first up is Tyler!

The boat drops off tyler

Chris: hello Tyler welcome back from season 3

Tyler: yeah! I hope Lindsay is here

Chris: keep dreaming, alright next is CODY!

Cody gets off the boat

Cody: sweet to be here man

Tyler: hey Cody

Cody: ayee hi

Chris: next from Randy Cunningham is Bash!

Cody: bash! Oh my

Bash gets off the boat

Tyler: he doesn't look to bad

Chris: I brought him to spice up the season (wicked laugh)

Bash: where's the 2 Randy and his friend

Cody: uh we don't know bash sir

Chris: next is Howard

Bash: THERE!

Howard gets off

Howard: hey Chris and OH MYY ITS BASH!

Howard runs over to Cody and Tyler

Tyler: it's ok dude

Cody: Yeah he isn't to rough wait till you meat Duncan

Then Randy gets there

Randy: HOWARD!!! Oh no bash

Cody: yeah

Then everyone else arrives (skipped because take to long)

Chris: welcome you 20 sufferes (cough) I mean contestants

Duncan: we're not that dumb

Bash: Yeah!


Cody: now it's like 2 duncans oh no!

Howard: 2 bashes oh man!

End of confessional

Chris: I'll devide you Into 2 teams BASS and GOPHERS

Chris: alright Randy,Tyler,Duncan,Ezekiel,Geoff,Harold,Courtney,Marshall,Rubble,and Zuma you guys are the KILLER BASS!

Ezekiel: Yeah!

Chris: and the rest of you Cody,Owen,Trent,Heather,Chase,Rocky,Skye,Ryder,Howard, and Bash you are the screaming GOPHERS!

Chris: you're first challenge begins tomorrow

In cabin of GOPHERS

Cody: Owen please try to take me to the final 4 

Owen: alright

Chase: Skye! We on same team!

Skye: yes!

Howard: Rocky can you help keep bash away from me

Rocky: I'll try

In bass


Randy: leave me alone

Courtney: Harold stop

Harold: sorry

Marshall: how are the other pups

Rubble: don't know

Chris: challenge time

Everyone sighs

The end of episode 1