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One day Kala finds a baby abandoned in a treehouse, still mourning the loss of her own baby, she takes in the child and names him Tarzan.

As he grows up, Tarzan makes friends, meets a girl called Jane and defeats the vicious Sabor once and for all.

As an adult, Tarzan meets Jane again and is introduced to her group of explorers. Professor Porter who is studying the apes with Jane and Clayton, a poacher who just wants to shoot things.

Tragedy and betrayal strikes when Clayton reveals his true intentions.

Tarzan 2[]

One day young Tarzan learns of a monster called Zugor, worried the Zugor will take him away he has nightmares about it.

During a stampede Tarzan goes missing and is presumed dead, feeling it's for the best Kala and the others give up their search. Now alone, Tarzan encounters Sabor and is chased into a rocky quarry.

The wasteland is home to two aggressive and mean gorilla brothers, Kago the strong and Uto the stupid. They also live with their over protective mother Mama Gunta. After managing to escape the gorillas, Tarzan bumps into Zugor.

Zugor turns out to be an elusive ape who uses a hollow log to project his voice to scare away predators. He wants nothing to do with Tarzan and shoos him away.

After rescuing Zugor from an angry rhino, the two become friends and just in time as Kago and Uto attack. Zugor scares off the bullies and Tarzan is reunited with his mother Kala.

Tarzan 3[]

One day baby Tarzan is visited by a teddy bear like creature called Teddy. He has orange and yellow fur and a big shiny wet black nose. They have some silly antics and after a diaper change, Tarzan is taken to his new home.

Tarzan honks Teddy's nose a lot and sometimes shoves his hands up his nose, getting stuck in the snot! After one such incident he is captured and pulled up Teddy's nose. Deep in the nasal caverns he encounters a snot teddy who torments him a lot.

After a very long time dealing with boogers and snot monsters, Tarzan escapes and after a bath and they continue playing, this consists of nose honking, booger pulling, Teddy sniffing Tarzan's crotch and smooshing his nose into his face.