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Sugar Rush: Good Morning Racers is the sequel to the Wreck-It Ralph spin-off Sugar Rush: Good Night Sleep Tight Racers where the Sugar Racers wake up after their first night of Sugar Rush.


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  • Vanellope Von Schweetz: dreaming that she's making go-karts for the Candy People.
  • Rancis Fluggerbutter: dreaming that he's in a hall of mirrors.
  • Taffyta Muttonfudge: dreaming that she's winning a sugar cup.
  • Candlehead: dreaming that she's making Sugar Rush's tallest chocolate cake.
  • Gloyd Orangeboar: dreaming that he's eating rainning lemondrops and gumdrops.
  • Jubileena Bing-Bing: dreaming that she's making a picture frame from a lollipop.
  • Swizzle "The Swizz" Malarkey: dreaming that he's going up and sliding down a unicorn pop tree.
  • Snowanna Rainbeau: dreaming that she's a rock star.
  • Crumbelina DiCaramello: dreaming that she's making fancy desserts.
  • Adorabeezle Winterpop: dreaming that she's skiing on the Ice Cream Mountains.
  • Minty Zaki (English dub): dreaming that she's doing flips on a balance beam.
  • Minty Sakura (Japanese dub): dreaming that she's practicing kendo.
  • Sticky Wipplesnit: dreaming that she's playing in sticky goo.
  • Torvald Batterbutter: dreaming that she's making butter candy.
  • Citrusella Flugpucker: dreaming that she's winning a blueberry pie eating contest.
  • Nougetsia Brumblestain: dreaming that she's snowboarding on the Ice Cream Mountains.
  • Funnelona Powder Cake: dreaming about her making big Funnel cakes or spending time with her funnel cake minis

Character appearance in each dream[]

  • Vanellope's dream: Ralph, Felix, Sergeant Calhoun, Cyber Guy, Detective Echo and the Candy People.
  • Rancis's dream: Vanellope, Taffyta, Roller Cyber and Lightning Cyber.
  • Taffyta's dream: Vanellope, Rancis, Candlehead and a real King Candy(not Turbo disguise).
  • Candlehead's dream: Vanellope, Kung-Fu Cyber, Flame Cyber, Detective Flare and Candle Cyber.
  • Gloyd's dream: Rancis, Swizzle, Pac-Man, Clyde and Paranormal Cyber.
  • Jubileena's dream: Vanellope, Rancis, and Peppermint Cyber.
  • Swizzle's dream: Ralph, Felix, Forest Cyber and Construction Cyber.
  • Snowanna's dream: Vanellope, Taffyta, Candlehead, Crumbelina and Adorabeezle.
  • Crumbelina's dream: Detective Shaft, Sleeks, Ironhand and Maple.
  • Adorabeezle's dream: Vanellope, Glacier Cyber, Winter Cyber, Glacier-Glacia and Princess Icy.
  • Minty Zaki's dream (English dub): Vanellope, Gymnast Cyber, Shamrock Green and Clover.
  • Minty Sakura's dream (Japanese dub): Vanellope, Shinobi Cyber, Blade Cyber, Detective Shadow and Candy Ninjas.
  • Sticky's dream: Vanellope, Minty Zaki, Torvald, Wind Cyber, Sky Cyber and Lady Skyshot.
  • Torvald's dream: Vanellope, Minty Zaki, Sticky and Holly-Polly.
  • Citrusella's dream: Vanellope, Jubileena, Sticky, Torvald and Nougetsia.
  • Nougetsia's dream: Vanellope, Adorabeezle, Glacier Cyber, Glacier-Glacia, Snow Cyber and Snowflake-Sally.
  • Funnelona Powder Cake: Vanellope, Minty, Torvald, Stick, her funnel cake minis, Nicelanders, Ralph, and Felix



  • By'm Bye
  • Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
  • Lullaby And Good Night


  • This takes the place a couple of days after Vanellope crossed the finish line to reset the game or the film.
  • Snow Cyber and Snowflake-Sally are the only cybernoids from Glacier Games who made their first appearances in the show.
  • Taffyta, Snowanna and Citrusella are the only dreams that doesn't feature any cybernoid appearances.
  • Vanellope is the only Sugar Rush racer who appears in most dreams on each racer.
  • Shinobi Cyber, Blade Cyber, Detective Shadow and the Candy Ninjas are exclusive only in the Japanese dub of this show since they appeared in Minty Sakura's dream.