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Stuff-Full is the 11th episode of Glow Green Giants.


(Wetropolis High School)

Ferdie: Guys you got a love this its called Alien Smasher. Its where you play as a Alien hunter and you shoot some aliens. If you lose 3 lives its game over and you have to start again.

Morty: Oh joy a another video game about aliens can you of something else. how did you get your face in it.

Ferdie: I use this camera of the CS

(Flashes at Morty)

Morty: whoa

Ferdie: and you press the Y and the X and look.

(Face changes to Morty's face)

Morty: Hmm what level you on

Ferdie: Level 7

Morty: How many levels are they

Ferdie: 25 levels

(Girls Bathroom)

(Comes out of the sink is Grovehug)

Grovehug: Teenagers. Hmm you know get into trouble.

(Peeks outside of the girls bathroom)

Grovehug: Gosalyn! Gotta Hide

(Gosalyn comes into the bathroom)

Gosalyn: leaving school is the worst thing to do *turns on taps* * washes hands* better stay away from Magica's tricks.

Grovehug: seems you like to face me after those Glow Green Giants did to me

Gosalyn: GROVEHUG!!!

Grovehug: Hmm no one seems to notice the crantankious nature of mine well, I will need some bait!

(offscreen kidnapp)!

Morty: where did Gosalyn Go?

Fergie: Yeah she said that she had a message for us!

Both enter the kitchen and sees Boris

Both: BORIS!!!!!