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Prologue: The theme song intro[]

Life is like a breeze here in a toy friend's universe

Every single day they're out there playing

history of good and bad luck, doesn't get any worse

look out behind you

watch out for some evil young kids

be very careful around the evil eyes of nature

Scene 1: The Anderson family's house/the dining room[]

Larry is reading the newspaper at the dining room table, while Molly and her best friend for life, Melanie are walking around, showing her everything.

Molly: "Hey, Melanie, you're gonna like this video game, it's super thrilling."

Bonnie: [Crying And Wailing Off Screen]

Julia arrives back home in the dining room with Bonnie, who still has tear drops in her eyes.

Larry: "Oh my word."

It was the snowy morning in the Sterling land well me and flipped off a crocodile was cold one is broken except for Jane look out his window and thought passengers for a bus stop

Jane: "Lots of cheering up to do today!"

Jane runs away and why is it on the rails of the staircase

Bonnie collapses right into Larry's chest.

Bonnie: [Crying And Weeping Uncontrollably]

Larry: "Oh, honey cakes."

Bonnie: [Teared Up] "It was terrible, you guys, it was awful, it was horrible.

Bonnie: [Continues Crying And Weeping]

Larry: "Well, what is it, Bonnie?"

Melanie: "Yeah, what's going on, Bonnie?"

Julia: "Oh, we were all at the playground and somebody just called Bonnie a nasty name."

Bonnie: [Crying And Weeping]

Larry: "Oh now look, I'm pretty sure they didn't mean it, sweetie cakes."

Bonnie: [Teared Up] "Yes, of course she did, she really upset my emotions, I'm never going back to that playground ever again."

Bonnie puts her head right down on the dining room table.

Bonnie: [Crying And Weeping Uncontrollably Again]

Molly: "Watch how you see how a responsible baby-sitter solves a little child's problem."

Melanie: "Go for it, Molly."

Molly goes right over to Bonnie, who is still crying and weeping her eyes out.

Molly: "There now, Bonnie, it's alright, sticks and stones can break your bones, but words and names will never hurt you."