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Stephanie is the deuteragonist of the Weird World franchise. She is voiced by Lola Blue.


Official Bio[]

"A human granted with magical powers and a staff that she doesn't feel is necessary, this socially awkward but caring girl is willing to fight for others, save the day... and eat her way in Oreos."



Stephanie's very shy and socially awkward, often wanting time to herself and doesn't always like talking to others. She even struggles with looking other people in the eye. But she is pretty smart and almost always knows just what to do and what to say, trying her best to give advice and guide the others. However, most likely because of her autism, sometimes she can get stressed out or overwhelmed easily, leading to sensory overloads and sometimes yelling at the others when she doesn't mean to. She is often experiencing mood swings, so she can sometimes feel playful and fun, but sometimes down and depressive. So depressive, that she sometimes considers hurting herself and even committing suicide. But above all, she's got a kind and caring heart and always puts others' well-being above her own.

Physical appearance[]

Stephanie is a human being with fare skin. Her hair is naturally blonde, but she always dyes it, prominently an orange/red/pink/purple/blue ombre colour, sometimes other colours, with a couple of accessories in it - a star and a cyan butterfly. She has a pearl in her forehead and back, which she got after becoming a part of the Double E's and lost them after being turned back into a human. She has light blue eyes, freckles and also wears light purple eyeshadow and star earrings on her ears. Whilst she's worn many different outfits throughout the franchise, her common and best known outfit consists of a coral zip up hoodie, cyan crop top with a red outlined yellow star on it, light orange jean shorts, pink socks and blue Converse shoes. She also has a white cap, light blue fingerless gloves, a pink watch and a pink and blue shiny ombre bracelet. She also has a Mongolian birthmark on the back of her neck.


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  • Stephanie has a few similarities with Pearl from the Cartoon Network series Steven Universe:
    • Both have pearls in their foreheads.
    • Both are smart.
    • Both are LGBT characters.
    • Both have blue eyes.
  • Reloaxa stated in an interview that fellow Disney character Kim Possible, Winry from the anime Fullmetal Alchemist and Lara Croft from the video game series Tomb Raider were inspirations for aspects of Stephanie's design and personality.
    • In fact, according to Reloaxa, anime in general was a very important reference to Stephanie's design and aesthetic.
  • Stephanie has implied that she thinks she is bipolar. This has been shown numerous times, since she's often experiencing mood swings, therefore she can feel happy and joyful at certain times, while other times she feels sad and depressed.
    • This reflects the deeper meaning behind her signature ombre hair as being a representation of her mood changes, with the bright orange-red side being a more happy mood, with the dark blue-purple side being a sadder mood.
    • She revealed in the episode Divedown Disentanglement that stress and her mental issues cause her to act or speak without thinking.
  • Stephanie is autistic.
    • Her autistic traits include:
      • Poor eye contact
      • Social anxiety
      • Sensory overloads
      • Finding difficult time saying how she feels
      • But she also has positive traits, like her in-depth knowledge and accepting of others
        • Fellow Weird World character George Jacqueline is autistic as well.
        • Reloaxa stated in an interview that he initially only wanted George to be autistic, but then decided to make Stephanie autistic too, so two different perspectives of autism could be shown side by side, therefore showing how different autism can be to numerous people.
        • He also said that he felt it was very important that she was voiced by somebody who was autistic themselves, hence why he selected Caitlin Hamilton, a UK actress who happens to be autistic.
      • She was diagnosed at age 11.
      • She revealed that she didn't speak until she was 4 years old.
  • Stephanie is left-handed.
  • Stephanie's favourite food is Oreos.
    • She's also known to really like strawberries and cream, marshmallows and meatball pizza.
    • Her favourite drink is hot chocolate.
  • She is the second major Disney animated character confirmed to be a lesbian, with the first being Amity Blight from The Owl House.
    • She was rumoured to have had a crush on Eleanor Jacqueline (formerly Sadie), but revealed at the end of the first film that she saw her as more of a motherly figure.
    • She first revealed her sexuality to her sister and some friends while playing a game where they had to say something about themselves that no one else would guess.
  • She's allergic to eggs.
  • She had an intense fear of snow and ice.
    • This is because her father was killed in an avalanche during a holiday in Siberia when she was a little kid.
    • She's since started to overcame her fear, following her sacrifice to defeat King Axecutioner in the first film.
  • Unlike most animated female characters, Stephanie has worn so many different outfits throughout the franchise.
    • Reloaxa said it's because 'I feel Stephanie's way form of recognition to people is her hair, not her clothes.'
  • She did cheerleading for two years as a teenager and in the episode A Walk in the Park, she became a cheerleading coach.
  • She's known to really like indie and alternative bands and singers. Some include real-life acts like Evanescence, Vampire Weekend, Goo Goo Dolls, Radiohead and Lana Del Rey and fictional ones like Charlie Ulyatt, Jonquil, Vanilla Wood and her personal favourite - 3-4 Embrace, all of which are seen or mentioned in the episode Alter-Indie Concert.
    • In fact, just like George Jacqueline, she likes music in general.
  • Stephanie is very squeamish and can easily faint or even throw up at things like needles, holes or the sound of bones breaking.
    • Stephanie also easily gets car sick, as shown in the first film and the TV series episode Zane Applegurgle.
    • However, she is fine with blood, as long as it's not a really deep cut or ends up becoming like gore.
  • In the episode The Water Wand she became robotic after being trapped in The Water Wand's conscious.
    • In the next episode Nerves of Steel, she was transformed back to her normal self after getting trapped again and reversing the effects.
  • Before joining The Extraordinary Eight, she went missing when she was 16 and after two years was declared legally dead.
    • She revealed in the episode Pearl of Wisdom that she ran away from home, after finding out her childhood best friend turned girlfriend Tinashe committed suicide.
    • After she returned to that time period, she made sure she never ran away and went missing and continued her life, while getting over Tinashe's suicide.
  • Stephanie was a smoker.
    • Since the episode Smoking Problem, she's attempted to quit and has since been implied to have done it successfully.
  • She was the first ever survivor of the super deadly Two-Spotted Albino Jellyfish, which appeared in the episode Divedown Disentanglement.
  • Many fans think that Stephanie's favourite colour is blue, but in the episode Ace of Space, she reveals her favourite colour is actually coral.
    • A sign is that her hoodie and her bed sheets are coloured coral.
    • Coral also happens to be the favourite colour of Reloaxa, Weird World's creator.
  • Her birthday is June 24th, as revealed in the episode Make News.
    • This would make since for her to have pearls, since they are the official birthstone for June.
    • She was born in 2011.
  • She's appeared in every episode of the TV series except for The Last Straw for Straw Berry: Part 1, Soapy Shift (although she was given a mention) and Star Snowball.
  • She revealed in the episode Training Time! that she is a bad trainer and back then, she left the training to Eleanor.
    • She's since taken lessons with Eleanor's friend Ella Sandbar and has gotten better over the course of the franchise.
  • It's revealed in the episode Zane Applegurgle that Stephanie's natural hair colour is blonde.
  • Stephanie has had the most injuries and near-death experiences of any character in the series.
  • Stephanie has had more amount of screen time and time to develop as a character than George has, despite George being the protagonist of Weird World and not Stephanie.
  • She was originally going to be the leader of the Double E's after Sadie, but that role was eventually given to Tyler, most likely due to him being a lot older and more experienced.
  • As revealed in Part 2 of The Weird World 4nale, her mother and older sister Katie froze themselves in time after she went missing, in hopes of seeing her in the future, which they ended up doing.
  • Stephanie's dream job had always been to be a lifeguard.
    • This was first revealed in the first film and has been constantly mentioned since.
    • She officially got the job in the episode Wishful Waterpark, but got fired a couple of weeks later after it turns out she had been stealing ice cream behind her bosses' backs.
    • After The Weird World 4nale, she returned to her original time period on Earth and had since decided to develop the job again, but as a side job. She's now focused on working as a mental health advocate, author and illustrator, the latter being an alternative career choice she had considered.
  • She was the last one to join the original Extraordinary Eight line up.
  • While her signature hair colour is an ombre mix of orange, red, pink, purple and blue, Stephanie has tried out different hair colours on some occasions.
  • In the episode Stephanie's Favourite Tree, she reveals she never takes her gloves off except for when she goes swimming or if she's asleep in bed.
  • She has a Mongolian birthmark on the back of her neck.
  • It's revealed in the episode Should I Stay or Should I Go? that Stephanie and Tinashe were childhood friends and at one point, in a relationship.
  • It was revealed in The Weird World 4nale (Part 1) that Stephanie's pearls were controlled by The Water Wand and that the Double E's were a façade.
  • Stephanie first arrived in Rainbow City six years after Eleanor's apparent death, in that time she had been suffering depression and fell out with her human friends, which lead to her decision to leave The Crystal Planet. Her space pod crashed into the rainbow ocean and she swam to shore to find it. In her first days, she felt physical and emotional pain, but has gotten better since then and months later, she met George.
  • Her voice actress Lola Blue is a star of the CBBC series A Kind of Spark, which also has autistic characters as the leads.
  • The character was universally acclaimed by critics and has been named as one of Disney's best female characters and one of the best characters created by Reloaxa. Praise went to her design, development, Lola Blue's voice performance, personality traits and emotional and interesting backstory.
    • She's also been highly praised for her portrayal of autism (especially since she was played by someone who's actually autistic) and also for being the perfect metaphor of relying on natural skill and not needing magic or technology to succeed.