Sponghuck is a major character in the 2018 Disney film Weird World and the tritagonist of it's 2021 sequel He is voiced by Ewan McGregor.


  • He speaks with a Scottish accent, since Ewan McGregor voices him.
  • He's the only male Disney character, alongside Dr. Facilier and fellow Weird World character Lennox, to have purple eyes.
    • More specifically his eyes are lilac. 
  • He was the first member of The Extraordinary Eight to unlock his true potential.
  • He didin't really care for the other Extraordinary Eight members, except for Tyler.
    • This would explain why he and Tyler shared a bedroom.
      • Although, he may actually care for Scooter as well, as he does show empathy towards him at times.
        • He did at times show trust for the others, except for George.
  • He's the only Extraordinary Eight member who has yet to fuse.
  • He loves KitKats. He even has a weapon that shoot them out.
  • His birthday is April 14th.
  • The character was originally one of the most hated Weird World characters, mainly because of his personality and attitude towards others, plus not showing any sense of loyalty whatsoever. Episodes like Who's That Man?, This Side of the Grave and especially Saved by the Soak gave many their breaking point of him. He was even hated by diehard Weird World fans. But that has changed a lot since the episode Spongy Situation since it was explained why he acts like he does, and he is now received positively and considered "likable" to many, including his former haters.