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Speed is one of the two tertiary antagonists (after Stitches and Royal Pain) in the film, Sky High. He is one of the school's bullies that constantly annoy any newcomers to the school. He harasses other students like sidekicks. As his name suggests, his power is to move at hypervelocity. When he was fighting Warren Peace, Speed was able to move fast enough to suck the oxygen with speed itself. He is really close friends with Lash, as they are mostly always seen together. Toward the end of the film we learn that he was working for Gwen Grayson.

Role in the film[]

Speed and Lash first appear outside of Sky High as seniors, and approach the freshmen asking for a nonexistent student fee of twenty dollars. Ethan, however, realizes they are lying, and they are dismissed by Student Body President Gwen Grayson (who they will soon form an alliance with if they haven't already). After stuffing Ethan and Zach into lockers, the two bullies are intercepted by Will and Layla, who challenge them in a game of Save the Citizen. During the game that follows, Speed proves himself able to move fast enough to suck the oxygen from opponent Warren Peace with speed itself. The two ultimately lose after Speed is smashed into a pole, stunning him. Lash is already tied to the same makeshift streetlight. fuck u

After Gwen reveals herself as Royal Pain, Speed teams up with Lash and Penny as they work together to trap everybody in the gym which means they were working for their boss and they intercept Will and his friends. Speed pursues Warren until Ethan returns from defeating Lash and with his melting powers makes Speed to slip, allowing Warren to throw the bully into a wall via fireball.

At the end, it is revealed that Speed and the others are in prison. He is seen having his cap taken by Lash and trying to get it back.


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