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snow post man is a 2015 2D animated film

the animated feature is going to

Dis sno pm

movie poster of the snow post man


on december 21,2015 .

the characters[]

  • snow post man:the main protagonist of the film
  • the dog:a friend to snow post man
  • the childern:who make the snow post man alive
  • the bear:who disturb his hybernation
  • the forest creatures:the guys who defend forest
  • old man winter:the persion that looked like santa clause
  • owl:who steals the snow postman's letter
  • the wolf:the antagonist of film
  • the fox:a female fox


  • this is the third time that disney is going back to tradional animation the first two being princess and the frog(2009) and winnie the pooh(2011).
  • the music will be composed by alan meken the guy who did some 90's animated disney movies like hunchback of notredame,alladdin and beauty and the beast.