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Snow White and the Royal Coronation is the 2013 sequel to 1937's Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. The film is created by Talix.


After Prince Henry brought Snow White to the castle, they thought they would finally live happily ever after. However, the prince's father will stepped down as king. And now Henry must prepare himself from the tough transition from being prince to king. Snow White thinking marrying the prince would be fantastic, now realize that since he has to become king, she is going to become the queen. Needing help with the transition, Isobel, the king's counselor and her daughters, Galla and Marta comes to help Snow White.

Doing her best, Snow White will try to know the basics of how to act as a queen. However, a scheming Isobel will do whatever it takes to gain the throne for herself. Snow White is going to be surprised when the dwarfs return to help her in time of need along with their visiting dwarf cousins; and as well the prince's trouble-making nephew, Jasper and his pet goat, Zephyr.

Will Snow White take her prince's hand to become the king and queen?


Coming soon


  • Snow White, princess and now to be queen. (Hayden Panettiere)
  • Prince Henry, the prince who saved Snow White and brought her to the castle now must become king. (Nicholas D'Agosto)
  • Isobel, the scheming counselor who wants the castle for herself. (Susan Sarandon)
  • Jasper, Prince's nephew who comes to visit. (Max Charles)
  • Zephyr, Jasper's pet goat.
  • The Seven Dwarfs
    • Doc, the leader (Phil Morris)
    • Grumpy (Rowan Atkinson)
    • Happy (Jim Cummings)
    • Sleepy (Tara Strong)
    • Bashful (Corey Burton)
    • Sneezy (Tom Kenny)
    • Dopey (Jim Cummings)
  • The Dwarfs cousins
    • Envy, one of the cousins to visit their other cousins. (Cree Summer)
    • Worry, the other cousin who follows Envy and see how their seven cousins are doing. (Tara Strong)
  • Galla, One of Isobel's fumbling daughters. (Grey Delisle)
  • Marta, The other fumbling daughter of Isobel. (Amara Miller)
  • King, the prince's father who soon will stepped down (Robert DeNiro)
  • Jones, the personal butler (John Cleese)
  • The Magic Mirror (Tim Curry)


  • "Someday" by Snow White
  • "It Will Get Better" by Snow White
  • "I'll Be Queen" by Snow White and Isobel
  • "Here Comes the Dwarfs" by the Dwarfs
  • "One More Thing" by Isobel
  • "Almost Done" by Galla and Marta