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Princess Snowdrop White, better known as Snow White, is a major character from Beyond the Woods.



Snow is a fourteen year old girl, with the fabled raven hair, red lips and white skin, save for rosy cheeks. Her hair is usually braided into a side plait tied with a light blue ribbon.

Snow wears a blue empire waist dress decorated with snowdrop patterns along the hem, with a white underdress. She wears a necklace with sliver heart-shaped locket, given to her by her late father.


Snow is a sweet and cheerful girl who loves animals and spending time out in nature. Eternally optimistic, she tends to interoperate situations more positively than they really are, and she has a vivid imagination, which often causes her to do and say things that appear outlandish to others. However, Snow is prone to acts of cowardice; She would much rather run away than confront what scares her.