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Slither is an animated mini-series created by Reloaxa and produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios, that aired on Disney Channel from February 13 2020 until September 22, 2028. It takes place in a jungle city populated by snakes and follows the adventures of The Seven Slithers who solve problems in order to protect their home, or for anything else. It's main run contained a total of 13 half-hour episodes (each airing every three weeks) and the series wasn't truly concluded until nearly 8 whole years later with it's 1-hour finale.

The series was acclaimed for it's character development, cleverness, main plot and dark elements.

Voice cast[]

  • Tim Curry as Philip, the main protagonist, a clever and confident, but slow moving blue snake. He leads The Seven Slithers. He has a British accent.
  • Hank Azaria as Frankie, an overexcited red ombre snake with buck teeth. He's always telling jokes. He died in episode 8 and became a spirit.
  • Samara Felippo as Caramel, a sweet, but shy caramel coloured snake with a pink flower on her head. She's a single mother and usually only speaks a few words at a time. She has a Brazilian accent. 
  • Frank Welker as Tigereye, a tough black and orange snake with tiger eyes and a fist on the end of his tail. He doesn't really speak and is almost certain to win in a fight.
  • Hank Azaria as Jim (formerly Electric Jim), a cowardly lilac snake with dimples and an electrical tip on his tail (until episode 5). He loves music and playing instruments. He has an Austrian accent.
  • Jess Harnell as Mr. Zinc Head, a grumpy grey snake with a collar made of zinc. He doesn't like colour and writes poems. He became colourful and happy in episode 12, but was still called by his original name.
  • Massimiliano Alto as 3 Stripe, a dim-witted yellow snake with 3 teal stripes. He says random stupid things. He has an Italian accent.